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The ER50 Resources includes information that helps you understand and build the ER50 Brown’s Gas Electrolyzer.


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ER50 Resources

Brown’s Gas (HHO) Pistonless Pump Replication Notes
White powder around base of Tower Cap.
Gas leak
No or Low gas production
Lubrication or Replacing the Cooling Fan
Tower Cap rubber gasket leaking
Tower Cap duckbill check valve stuck shut
Tower duckbill stuck open
AquaCure low and high level sensor adjustment 
Over filled AquaCure
Why / How does HydrOxy help healing?
What is Brown’s Gas vs OxyHydrogen?
What to look for when considering The purchase of any hydrogen technology
Is hydrogen inhalation better than drinking HRW?
Is MORE hydrogen (HydrOxy) better?
More HydrOxy Gas is NOT ‘safer’
Are there links that I can research HydrOxy for health?
Is this pure hydrogen generator better?
What plate material do you use in the AquaCure?
Do you use PEM / SPE technology?
What is pH? FAQ
Can I use a Bio-Mat or BEMER with the AquaCure?
Can I bubble BG into an ionic foot bath?
Can I use H2O2 or MMS with BG?
Sleeping while breathing HydrOxy FAQ
How long can I store the AquaCure FAQ
Where to buy a new Humidifier?
Electrolyte (lye or NaOH) solution concentration
Color (yellow, brown, black) of the electrolyte solution
I accidentally inhaled at 100%. Will I have a problem?
Can I breathe the HydrOxy directly from the humidifier?
Can I use glass containers?
Do the hoses get mold in them?
Can the nasal cannulas be re-used?
Is there a way to test for lye in the water?  
Can I use Brown’s Gas for rectal, ear or vaginal insufflation?
Can I put the BG into the air instead of using cannulas?
Can I put a bag of BG over my entire head?
Can I heat the bubbled water to make tea, coffee or oatmeal?
What containers should I use to store the bubbled water?
Does a long hose reduce the AquaCure output volume?
Shouldn’t I feel the gas coming out of the cannulas?
Water Charging FAQ
Is drinking Distilled Water Safe?
Could the Tee splitter be used to breathe and also do a leg or arm bag simultaneously?
Can two people breathe at the same time with a Tee?
Why NO Citric Acid anymore?
What Distiller do you recommend?
Where do I find Distilled Water?
I have good Filtered, Spring, Well, Rain or RO water, can I use it?
Where can I get Lye?
How I Use Browns Gas For Health Enhancement
Brown’s Gas For Health
What is ExW and why does it matter?
Why would anyone want Brown’s Gas in their lives?
Why did George Wiseman develop Brown’s Gas?
Q ~ Where can I find Lye?
Q ~ I’ve heard that Brown’s Gas (BG) explodes.
What is a ‘dry-cell’?
Q ~ Brown’s Gas vs HHO
Q ~ What is Brown’s Gas (BG)?
Q ~ What is MMW?
Q ~ Is a dry-cell more efficient?
How do I measure Brown’s Gas Production?
1. What is Brown’s Gas?
What are Brown’s Gas Myths?
Does your Brown’s Gas, book 2 give instructions how to build the ER50?
How Much PPM of hydrogen will the AquaCure infuse into water?
Legal Medical Disclaimer
Should I drink Distilled Water?
How to use Brown’s Gas (HHO) for health enhancement
How long does BG Bubbled water stay charged / enhanced?
Why are you drinking BG bubbled water?
How long do you bubble Brown’s Gas into the water?
If hydrogen is so important, where do we ‘normally’ get it?
What’s the BEST way to get hydrogen into my body?
How do I measure the ExW portion of the Brown’s Gas?
If Hydrogenated Foods are bad, Why is Hydrogen Good?
Why does Brown’s Gas supplementation help Health?
What Water Distiller Do You Recommend?
Reliably Stopping a BG Backfire
How much water should I drink?
Is my water pure enough? & How do I test it?
Where do I find Brown’s Gas for health information?
What’s the difference between the ER50 and the AquaCure?