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Why does Brown’s Gas supplementation help Health?

Please explain simply and comprehensibly – BG Gas and its positive effects on health – to a 15-year-old student.

Simple and comprehensive are diametrically opposed.
A comprehensive explanation requires many hours to explain and will still leave questions unanswered.
A simple explanation is all I have time for here.  Giving links so you can do a self-study.

The average body is 62% hydrogen, 24% oxygen, 12% carbon and 2% everything else (by volume).
Hydrogen is involved, directly or indirectly in every chemical process in the body.
So hydrogen is our most important MACRO-NUTRIENT, which has been ignored until now.  Hydrogen is a FOOD!
The well touted vitamins and minerals are all micro-nutrients compared to hydrogen.

We cannot just breathe in hydrogen like oxygen, because hydrogen does not exist ‘free’ in nature.
We normally get our hydrogen from our food.  Most of our ‘foods’ foods contain ‘hydro-carbons’ (a mixture of hydrogen and carbon).
Our digestion system prepares our food (acids, enzymes, etc.) and then specialized bacteria in the Colon complete the process of ‘digestion’ releasing the hydrogen… Which then goes directly into the bloodstream through the walls of the intestines.
Betcha didn’t know you ‘breathe’ in your guts 🙂

By using antibiotics, artificial sweeteners and other chemicals in our food, we’ve decimated our hydrogen-producing bacteria.  So, most people are NOT getting enough hydrogen to stay healthy.
Without sufficient hydrogen we become ’starved’ even if we eat plenty of food.  De-hydrated in the most basic sense.

Our bodies are AMAZING organic machines.  We have built in ‘safety mechanisms’ to preserve life.  Like how the blood flow is shut off to the extremities to preserve core temperature when the body is threatened with hyopthermia.
The hydrogen starvation causes the body to shut off extraneous (not immediately life threatening) functions in order to preserve life, starting with the regeneration system (so we scar and age) and then features of the immune system (so we get sick and auto-immune disease).  Then start to shut down organs (and we die)…

Thus, by not taking care of our guts properly, eating so many ‘chemicals’ and the modern miracle of antibiotics, we have doomed ourselves to slow and painful aging and death.

But there is now hope for healthful joyous living…  Hydrogen supplementation… Particularly if you also add ExW.

If provided enough hydrogen on a daily basis, most bodies will repair their organs, reactivate their immune systems and regeneration systems.  This does take TIME, as the cells regenerate, each new generation healthier as they get enough hydrogen.

So (with me after I started Brown’s Gas inhalation) my heart, eyes and skin healed (organs that were struggling).  I’d had a heart murmur, wore glasses for 50 years and In more recent years I’d lost the feeling in the palm of my left hand and on both shins (neuropathies).
Now my heart murmur is gone, I don’t wear glasses anymore and I have full feeling back in my hand and legs.

Then my warts (a virus) disappeared.  My immune systems got strong enough to kick out hand warts and a planter’s wart I had on my foot.  So my immune systems came back online.

And then my scars (which are patches instead of healing) disappeared…  THAT was a WOW moment… Because to do that meant that (even though I’m over 60 years old) my body’s stem cells have been reactivated!

Science is proving that virtually all ailments are caused by or exacerbated by…Lack of Hydrogen!  People are ‘de-hydrated’ in the most basic sense of the word.

Caveat:  When inhaling Brown’s Gas, at first supplement SLOWLY.  A few minutes a couple or three times a day.  Increasing by a couple of minutes every day until you are breathing HydrOxy for about 20 minutes three times a day.  After that you should be able to breathe as much as you want, there’s no toxic limit because once the blood is saturated with hydrogen, you breathe OUT as much as you breathe IN.

The reason you start slow is because hydrogen is a FOOD and you’ve been STARVING for a long time.  If you were fasting for a month (from regular food), you wouldn’t start eating again with a 9 course meal (you’d get sick).  You’d start with a little bowl of soup.  Same thing here.

Science is also showing a 30% to 50% healthful life extension with hydrogen supplementation.

There are now MANY ways to supplement with hydrogen, so which is best?   I answer that with this blog:

In my opinion, Brown’s Gas (HydrOxy or HHO) is the best hydrogen for health gas mixture because it also contains oxygen (to balance the hydrogen) and ExW (to provide the ENERGY the body needs to heal).

And of the Brown’s Gas machines, I believe the AquaCure to be the best because:
1. It is a high quality, well priced, practical electrolyzer, designed from over 30 years of electrolyzer building experience.  Built by a company with well established customer service.
2. It is the safest Brown’s Gas electrolyzer on the planet (important when working with a combustible gas)
3. It is designed to conveniently do all 5 of my hydrogen for health protocols

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