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I have good Filtered, Spring, Well, Rain or RO water, can I use it?

I have good Filtered, Spring, Well, Rain or RO water, can I use it?

NOT to go into the AquaCure! , ER50 , HyZor

RO water is OK theoretically, if the RO unit is putting out 50,000 ohm water or higher. 

Most people (and businesses) don’t properly maintain their RO units so the water quality (purity) goes down.  More impurities = lower electrical resistance.  If you don’t have certified 50,000 ohm water, don’t use it or used distilled (pure) water.

I’ve never (yet) found filtered water, Deionized (RO) water or Well water pure enough to use in the humidifier or AquaCure.

You’ll quickly see this if you buy a home Distiller and feed it with your Deionized (RO) water and/or Well water.  

The problems are the IMPURITIES in the water.  Some cause poisonous gasses (you do not want to inhale), most cause rapid sludge formation which plugs internal orifices and some accumulate on the electrodes, causing the machine to eventually fail to make gas.  Some impurities cause foaming which results in rapid ejection of lye from your AquaCure, overwhelming the Humidifier and contaminating your Drinking Water.

As for the Humidifier, if the water isn’t PURE, it won’t adequately scrub the lye from the gas, resulting in lye getting into your drinking water.

You can use RO water for drinking, if you choose, but NOT in the AquaCure, filter or humidifier. 
Several reasons, including contamination (electroplating) on electrodes, excessive sludge formation, poisonous gas formation and compromised lye scrubbing.

Use ONLY distilled water in the AquaCure, Filter and Humidifier.  As pure of water as possible.

You can use whatever water you want to drink in the Drinking Water Bubbler, but I RECOMMEND drinking only BG bubbled DISTILLED water too, as I’ve done since 2005… And I’m a LOT healthier now than I was then.

Many people think drinking distilled water is bad… But think of it as PURE water.  And when you enrich it with HydrOxy gas, it becomes the most healthful water on the planet (several world renowned water experts agree).

Here is my Blog on drinking distilled water.

All that said… You can put whatever water you think is best for you in the Drinking Water Bubbler (the water you actually drink).

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