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Overunity Prizes

I (George Wiseman) have just quickly dumped some information (compiled over years) on this page.  

I’ll come back to clean it up (and update it) later, but in the meantime here is (maybe) some incentive to build a working OU machine or technology.  

If you know of any prizes not listed, or if any of the information here is obsolete, incomplete or incorrect, please contact me with updates and corrections.

1) Reed Huish, Z-Power, $100,000

2) Jerry Decker, Keelynet, pot continues to rise $1800 to date??

3) Eric Krieg, 10,000, can get some matching offers on free energy list.  
“I would like someone else to run a 10,000 prize for a 100 mpg system.” 

  —– Original Message —– 

From: Teo Rodriguez 
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 7:37 PM
Subject: [free_energy] Fwd: Eric’s offer doubled

Hi to all FE group!

I am annexing this letter that we send to Eric proposing to double his offer by joining it, with the same amount (US 10,000 dollars) and same conditions to whoever presents a “working model” of an over unity invention, no strings attached  … nevertheless, wouldn’t it be more intelligent if we all join in with as much as we may to have a sort of FUND for financing an Idea or Scheme of over unity that we all -or most of us- could agree -after extended examination by the group- that it should work, but the inventor has no money to test it and to verify its results? … Since once anybody really presents a working model , He (or She) will most likely get a lot of people willing to provide a lot much more than twice Eric’s offer … well is a topic that has many possibilities and we may -as a group- have much more to offer …regards, Doroteo 



5) Dr. Hal Putoff, one watt challange 

6) Reward For Any ‘Free-Energy’ Device Passing Test – Return to the INE Main Page REWARD FOR ANY ‘FREE-ENERGY’ DEVICE PASSING TEST

Patrick Bailey, President INE From: NEN, Vol. 4, No. 8, December 1996, p. 20. New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1996 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.

7) Tracy knows $1,000,000 psi energy (from ‘Randi?’) as per Eric Krieg

“Randi is quite reasonable; there are certain things that he and virtually all other factualists regard as not being possible; he alone invites ANYONE to prove him wrong, and is willing to line your pockets with gold by so-doing.

Uh no, please read my message in late December explaining how Randi’s prize is a fraud and how he has obscured evidence of the paranormal that very well qualified, some of which was already performed right in front of him with others watching.  The contract is nevertheless subjective and the judges are able to turn away any claimant on their opinion that the power or event was not paranormal or interesting enough, or deviate from the agreement by interfering.  Just read the message.

8) Many people have visited my NuEnergy Fraud Update site.

Therefore, I now have posted a challenge to Bruce A. Perreault.  If he can prove free energy by demonstrating a working device that provides MORE power out than it consumes, provides enough current/wattage to be useful, and I don’t mean milliamps, allow me to hold a formal press-conference giving him all the credit, and holds up to UNBIASED investigation by scientists from MAJOR universities; I will provide Bruce with the sum of $50,000.00 !!!! 

I don’t completely understand your open email to me.  Other’s have offered to match my $10,000 offer – I just can’t count on them coming through.  Should my prize be won, I’d be happy to get my buddy James Randi to put up his million dollar prize.  He did offer to do so for Dennis Lee – but he hasn’t openly offered it for any FE device.

Many people have asked me to extend the prize to just PM or reactionless drive or anti-gravity.  I’d love to do that, I wish someone else would offer money and credible validation for those alt-physics claims, but I barely can respond to all the people coming out of the woodwork with FE claims.

More important that my $10,000 would be the help I and friends  would personally offer you.  Since there are already people who give money to any nutcase making a promise with no evidence, I’m sure a winner of my prize would have people just throwing money at them.   There are people on this list (quiet lately) who sincerely try to work on FE designs – some of them have tried to help the flood of new people with what they think are new ideas.


PRESS RELEASE: “Space Energy Access Systems, Inc. (SEAS) has announced the one million dollar “Z Prize” for an energy invention that would dramatically decrease the need for fossil fuels.

The Charlottesville, VA based energy company will provide the $1 million prize to the inventor or inventors who provide a testable prototype of an invention that can serve to either replace current internal combustion energy systems or greatly increase their efficiency.

The Z Prize is named after the so-called zero point energy field that many physicists claim is a vast field of energy that can be tapped from the space around an object. (…more)

Specifically, the company is looking for new energy systems that could allow each home or business to have its own energy generation capability without the use of fossil fuels and a system for greatly increasing the fuel efficiency of motor vehicles. The winning invention must be reproducible, economically viable and suitable to widespread acceptance. 

Steven M. Greer MD, the CEO of SEAS. states that: ” We know such breakthroughs in energy generation have occurred in the past, only to be suppressed by a number of questionable means. This time, we are committed to identifying and bringing to the public the most advanced systems to replace our addiction to oil and fossil fuels.”

SEAS has a Technical Advisory Board compromised of prominent scientists and engineers. 

Inventors may visit the SEAS Inc. website at: and complete an application. Submissions must be received by December 1, 2002 and the prize will be determined by December 31, 2002, unless the company determines that the contest needs to be extended


From: “Tim”
Subject: Greer $1m Z prize shown to be a fake claim

“What is the Z Competition? The Z Competition will award a minimum of $1 million in licensing and royalties to the energy system that meets our criteria (see below). This sum will be given as a licensing fee and guaranteed minimum royalties to be paid under a Licensing Agreement, to be negotiated in a normal fashion between the device owner and SEAS.”

There is no million dollars on offer.  It was just a marketing scam.

All Greer is willing to offer, is the possibility of a million dollars, in future licensing payments (maybe).

“You’re promised a minimum of $1M in licensing and royalties if you provide SEASpower with a true “free energy” machine.  However, as many others have pointed out, why would anyone with a working machine voluntarily sign it over to Greer for a relative pittance?”


German researcher says he is offering a reward to anyone who can disprove tests listed on his website that seemingly violate Einstein and Newton’s theories


A. – provides a variety of research and consulting services focused on clean technology; to help companies and investors understand and profit from the clean-tech revolution; to catalyze the development of clean-tech companies.

B. – brings together so-called clean-technology entrepreneurs and investors.

C. – invests in alternative energy projects.


Here’s a page with a list of prizes, including Eric’s:

Thanks, I knew this page was out there somewhere.  Now that I checked all the “prizes” only one is bonafide and that is Eric’s.


People from Alpha Group just proposed a special prize for systems powered only by water.


The $1M offer is by the James Randi Educational Foundation:

This $1M actually exists, and does not require you to sign over your rights.  You only have to prove that the machine actually works.  Although the JREF prize normally involves paranormal claims, “free energy” is also a legitimate category for the prize.

Deadline is September 19, 2011.

See my comment in

I found out about this prize in today’s Las Vegas Sun which had an article by Michael d’Estries about Andre Agassi selection’s to be a judge. Unfortunately the newspaper’s web site doesn’t contain a link to the article.

From Jerry Decker

“I don’t remember there ever being money tied into Puthoff’s One Watt Challenge.

Eric Krieg was offering a $10,000 prize for a working perpetual motion or free energy machine years ago.

Couldn’t find a modern update so you’d have to ask him. 
When we did the documentary “A Machine to Die for”;

around 2003, he was still offering it, but things change.

I detest referencing Sterlings sites but…;

And some would argue free energy might fall under paranormal so be eligible for Randis $1 million test…but he changes the rules and won’t agree for anyone…all rigged to keep his name in the news in perpetuity…

I’m pretty sure if Eric tested one that actually was over unity, he’d do the right thing and give out the money. I remember he backed up HHO awhile back and it surprised a few who thought he was so much a skeptic that he would deny it even if it did work.

Good luck!”

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