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Should I drink Distilled Water?

In my opinion, YES! … BUT (see buts below)
There is a large controversy about using distilled water,  (miracle water),  (youth water)(distilled water facts) (no such thing as ‘safe’ tap water).

Also the myth of alkaline water has been disproven by science as research proves it was the hydrogen, not the pH that was/is healthful. 

…highly educated people (HEP) are saying NOT to drink distilled water, except for short periods of time.  They seem to be basing that opinion on:
1. The body’s need for ‘minerals’, particularly sodium chloride, magnesium and calcium.
2. The fact that pure water absorbs ALL elements (good and bad) and removes them from the body.
3. ‘Studies’ that indicate a ‘statistical trend’ that people drinking ‘hard’ water live longer.
           (Ignoring studies that show hard water reduces lifespan)

Advocates are even suggesting ADDING these minerals to water (more on that below)…
Note that these are often the same people that are adding industrial waste (fluoride) and other poisons (like chlorine) into our tap water… Ignoring the science that proves there is no such thing as SAFE tap water.
The medical ‘system’ has a Vested Interest in seeing us SICK, and I know very well that MANY ‘statistics’ in ‘health/drug studies’ are manipulatedSo it’s really hard for me to trust them.

…and health advocates (HA) are promoting drinking distilled water, for long term drinking.  
Since the health advocates have no vested interest (no profit to gain), it is easier for me to trust them.

In my opinion, there are things about water and minerals that the HEP either don’t know or are not considering or are willfully ignoring… Even knowledge of ‘primary water‘.  I’ll point out some of the discrepancies below:

Disclaimer: I’ll state up front that I have NO credentials to back up my opinion.  I’m not an MD and while my nutritional training is extensive, it is not certified.  My opinion is based on my  Agriculture College training, extensive independent research and experience…

So take my opinion and logic with a ‘grain of salt’ :)))  As you should with anyone’s opinion, even (or maybe even especially) those who wave credentials in your face as a ‘logical argument’ why you should trust them…
Doctors do NOT know everything, get minimal nutritional education  and (in a study done in 2016) Doctors are the third leading cause of DEATH in the USA.  NOW, (with the side effects of the gene therapy stabs included) they are the LEADING cause of death in the USA, and the average lifespan is dropping everyday because of it.

So frankly, I’d prefer to listen to the (HA) people who are NOT prolonging our illnesses (by only treating symptoms), causing illness (with drug side effects) and finally killing us with drugs, surgeries and other miss-applications of allopathic medical science…
Worldwide, Statistics consistently show that when Doctors go on strike, the death toll REDUCES!
example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4

And just so you know, I take my own advise and have been drinking distilled or deionized (reverse osmosis) water for at least 95% of my fluid intake since 2001.  I am quite healthy (healthier now, in 2023, than then) and continue to impress my doctors and dentists…But… I drink BG treated distilled water! See why that’s important below…

Both HEP and HA seem to agree that we all need about 8 glasses of water per day. Here’s a water (hydration) calculator.

Both HEP and HA agree that water often contains poisons, that you shouldn’t drink, like parasites, chlorine, fluoride, dioxins, heavy metals, hormones, drugs, deuterium, etc…
I also don’t recommend water ‘filters’ (like the Berkeley) because:
1. Most minerals in water are NOT bio-available and your body needs to deal with them, taking resources that are better spent keeping you healthy.
2. Most filters (even RO) Do Not remove pesticides, herbicides, drugs, hormones, etc.
3. Most filters do not sterilize the water for pathogens.
4. Most filters do not remove ‘light’ organics (like oils) that do not show up in a TDS test.
5. Filters don’t remove nano-plastics and even RO needs to have the water boiled first, so DISTILLATION is still the best way to get PURE WATER.

Water IS nature’s most perfect solvent and WILL absorb pretty much anything it comes in contact with.  This can be both a good or a bad thing for your health, depending on what is in your water when you drink it.

Or WAS in the water before you drank it!
HA also point out that water also has a ‘memory’ and can ‘remember’ if it had a toxin in it; which is the basis of the centuries old technology of homeopathy (mostly discounted by HEP).  This ‘memory’ can affect the body as the cells ‘read’ the water and respond to the ‘information’.

This is one reason why, in my opinion, water’s memory needs to be cleaned (of toxins), ‘erased’ and then healthful information ‘imprinted’… But that’s a whole separate subject.

Both HEP and HA agree that distilled water ‘detoxifies’ the body by absorbing toxic substances and helping the toxins to then be ejected from the body (through kidneys, skin, lungs, nose, etc.).
Water is not the only substance that can do this (for other examples see chelation therapyoxidative therapies and MMS), but water is certainly the most important, the most ‘benign’ and the most compatible with your body.

The KEY, in my opinion, is to pre-treat the water so that it will enhance your body’s health and health starts with eliminating all the toxins (and memory of toxins) from the water.

In my opinion, the BEST way to clean and totally detox water is with electrolysis.  Electrolysis actually pulls the water apart into oxygen and hydrogen molecules and then you can recombine the molecules to make pure ‘new water’… No toxins and no memory of toxins.
I’ll be teaching people how to do this PROPERLY and effectively (protocol 5), using my AquaCure technology.

But most people can’t do electrolysis, so distillation is an easy, simple way to ‘somewhat’ clean the water of contamination and memory.
THEN, and THIS is one of the KEY things the HEP are missing… Put LIFE back into the distilled water using one (or more) enhancing techniques.  Some techniques I use include:
1. Bubbling BG through the water.  I’ve been doing this for years.
2. Using a ‘flow through electrolyzer’ like the Kangen machines, to get electrically reduced water.  I’ve experimented with this, with positive (but limited) results; I’ll report on this in my eNews.
3. ‘Programming’ the water with materials (healthy substances), light (colors) and sound (usually classical music).

In the end you want water that has healthful characteristics, some that are measurable are:
1. A high pH (about 8), due to abundance of OH- or H- ions, NOT due to minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium (that’s cheating and NOT as healthy).
2. A NEGATIVE ORP (less than -200, I prefer -400).  This is water that gives electrons to your body, instead of eating your body like (electron deficient) acid… Water with a negative ORP has extra electrons.  Positive ORP is electron deficient.  Tap water is generally +400 or greater (so actually ROBS your body of electrons / energy).
3. CLEAN, of all minerals (a low TDS) and clean of toxic vibrations .  Then (preferably) have good vibrations added (get your vitamins and minerals from your food).
4. etc… There are many other healthy characteristics that aren’t currently measurable.

Both HEP and HA agree that distilled water also pulls ‘good’ minerals like calcium, sodium, potassium, trace minerals like magnesium, water soluble vitamins like vitamin C, etc., from the body; all of which must be replaced or the body becomes deficient.

BUT this is NORMAL!  All water does this.  The ONLY difference is that HEP say that the mineralized water ‘replaces’ some of the minerals that water normally absorbs and ejects.
In my opinion, this is generally INCORRECT.  Minerals in water are generally NOT bio-assimilable  so are worse than nothing!.  You need to get bio-available minerals from plant based sources (your food).

HEP also point out that fasting while drinking distilled water accelerates the loss of vital nutrients.  This is true… but it also accelerates the removal of toxins, which is one of the reasons to fast in the first place.  Fasting is a VERY healthy thing to do.  This has been known for a long time.  Some religions even require fasting.  Appropriately applied, it’s possible for some extremely obese people to fast for a YEAR.

So, in my opinion, you DO drink distilled water (even while fasting) and then replace the vital nutrients with an organic broth made from foods appropriate to your body and fast.

Both HEP and HA agree that drinking carbonated and sugar drinks are bad, recognizing that they lower body pH buffers and that acidity in the body is detrimental to health.
Note: ‘acid producing’ foods like meats, fried foods, dairy products, simple carbs, etc. also lower body pH buffers.
Note: stress (of all kinds) lowers body pH buffers.
Note: almost all sickness occurs in bodies that are low pH.
To live a long healthy life, you really should cut out (as much as practical) everything that takes away the body’s pH buffers.

The next discrepancy I see is HEP assuming that minerals in water are bio-absorbed by the body.  This is easly refuted logic (but no one seems to pay attention).  Just because the ‘gunk’ can get into the bloodstream does NOT mean it’s bio-absorbable.

My research indicates that (with a few exceptions, like sodium chloride) the only minerals that are truly bio-absorbable to us come from PLANTS and animal products.
We are omnivores and get our nutrition from eating plants and animals, not from ingesting minerals (dirt and rocks) directly.
The plants not only do things to the minerals that makes the minerals bio-absorbable but they also ADD micro-nutrients that most supplements do NOT give you.

For example, iron is vitally needed by the body, but you can’t get iron into your body by swallowing nails (pure elemental iron).  You CAN get bioavailable iron by eating spinach or kelp!
In fact, if you eat elemental iron (and most other minerals), the body treats it as a TOXIN and needs to get rid of it.  Lots of people are being poisoned by the minerals in their water.

My research shows that drug companies (and HEP) KNOW that their ‘minerals’ are not bio-absorbable.  For example: why do drug companies ‘chelate‘ their supplements?  Because they know that chelation increases bio-absorption.

I’m thinking you can’t have it both ways… If un-chelated minerals can be absorbed in the body, why do they try to find means (like chelation) to make them bio-absorbable?
And chelation may help the minerals get into the body, but can the body then actually USE the minerals or did you just poison yourself?

Pure water has a resistivity of 18.0MOhms giving it the action potential to pull inorganic, positively charged waste from the body. Dr. Allen E. Banik, Dr. Gary Null, Ph.D, DR. ARTHUR R. REYNOLDS and many many more, have all done extensive work on the benefits and importance of drinking ultrapure water. As a medical solvent, pure distilled water is used in Haemodialysis, CPAP and steam room therapy. Good, clean water, is essential for producing good clean hydrogen gas.

And BTW, it seems that even chelation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… the minerals are STILL more bio-absorbable from plant (and animal) based sources AND plants give MANY phytonutrients needed by the body to properly absorb and use the minerals.
Minerals are also balanced when coming from plants; too much of one leads to a shortage of others as the body processes them.

The same is true of vitamins, natural sources are more bioavailable for a variety of reasons.

And an important note!  Just because techniques like chelation get a ‘mineral’ or ‘vitamin’ into your body, so it shows up in the blood, does NOT mean your body can actually USE IT!  The HEP would have you believe that if it shows up in the blood, it’s bioavailable and that’s NOT entirely true.

A personal example:
We had a cat that (in 2013) developed neuropathy so bad he couldn’t walk (lost the use of his limbs).  He’d hump like a seal to get to (and into) the pan to pee and poo.  He could not get over a 6″ high barrier. We made ramps for him to crawl up.
My wife found a Japanese scientist that was curing cats of neuropathy using vitamin B12.  We had the cat tested and he had MASSIVE of B12 in his blood (should be 60, was 600)… BUT it was the Cyanocobalamin form of B12 (naturally occurs in nature).
His body had lost the ability to convert Cyanocobalamin into Methylcobalamin (the bio-available form of B12).
We supplemented him with Methylcobalamin and he REGAINED the use of his limbs (within 3 months) so that at 16 years old he could jump up onto a table from the floor.

Just because a nutrient is in your blood, doesn’t mean that it is bioavailable.

AND, too much of anything (even bioavailable nutrients) can be seriously detrimental.

Take calcium, for example.
The body always tries to maintain a balance of all nutrients, so having too much calcium will result in either the body trying to ‘store’ the calcium inappropriately (calcification of the arteries) and/or a deficiency in one or more other minerals (like potassium or magnesium) as the body tries to ‘balance’ the nutrients in itself.
Again, a reason to get your nutrients from plants instead of supplements.  Plants tend to have balanced nutrients and the phytonutrients you need for health.

FYI, I’m NOT against supplemental vitamins and minerals.  But I think of them like drugs and use them in appropriate situations where they are NEEDED to restore health.
Note: if the supplementation has to continue for more than a month or two, there is/are underlying problem(s) that need to be addressed.

So, in conclusion:
I agree with HEP that drinking only pure DEAD distilled water for extended time would be ultimately detrimental.  BUT

That’s not what I recommend (or do myself).  I recommend for people to use distilled (or RO or electrically reduced) water as the BASE to then add life enhancing properties to the water, so you drink clean, healthy and hydrating water.

It’s my opinion that the benefit of starting with CLEAN water outweighs the “bad result” of good bio-absorbable minerals that get removed with the poisons.

It’s my opinion that people can get more (and better) bio-absorbable minerals from foods (and supplements) than from mineralized water.

And BTW, I’ve been to remote glaciers and seen glacial water in pools.  In one case the water was so clear that you could hardly see there was even water in the pool, even though it was 12 feet deep.
If glacial water is ‘milky’ it’s because it was flowing over mud and has picked up massive impurities.
And as far as “hair falling out in clumps” (from drinking distilled water), MY hair is actually thickening (growing back in) and darkening (I’m now salt and pepper instead of straight grey) I believe because I’m drinking the Brown’s Gas bubbled water and breathing the Brown’s Gas.

Frankly, most HEP do not know about Brown’s Gas or, in a lot of cases, even how to determine if water is actually good for health.
They stick to their ‘book learning’ because they feel their teachers must be more right than the new technology / knowledge.

I’ve recently posted an article called “Plants Don’t Lie” which shows how BG bubbled water is healthful to plants, fish and mammals, including people.


Dr. Mercola published this article about drinking distilled water.  

Do you agree with the article?


Not even a little bit.  It doesn’t even make sense.  I wonder why he posted it?

Let’s replace the word ‘distilled’ with PURE in my responses and give some examples:
“Fasting using distilled water can be dangerous because of the rapid loss of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride) and trace minerals like magnesium, deficiencies of which can cause heart beat irregularities and high blood pressure. Cooking foods in distilled water pulls the minerals out of them and lowers their nutrient value.”
Pure water does help the body reduce impurities, both good and BAD (natural chelation), which you replace the good with your diet (which you wouldn’t get if fasting).  
Cooking foods in pure water doesn’t ADD non-bioavailable impurities to your food, and in most cases (like soup) anything the water takes out of food is STILL available as you eat the broth, etc.
“Distilled water is an active absorber and when it comes into contact with air, it absorbs carbon dioxide, making it acidic. The more distilled water a person drinks, the higher the body acidity becomes.”
First, SOME carbon dioxide is NEEDE by the body for HEALTH.
Second, The amount of carbon dioxide that is able to be absorbed (from the air) into distilled water is minimal and NO WAY it is enough to affect the body’s pH, particularly because the water drops into an ‘acid bath’ of the stomach AND the body MAKES huge volumes of Carbon Dioxide with normal metabolism, which you exhale normally.
“The most toxic commercial beverages that people consume (i.e. cola beverages and other soft drinks) are made from distilled water. “
What does this have to do with distilled water?
Adding ’shit’ to water automatically removes it from being PURE WATER.
“The more mineral loss, the greater the risk for osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and a long list of degenerative diseases generally associated with premature aging.”
The body’s pH is tightly controlled by mineral reserves.  Fasting would NOT change the body’s pH.
Note that pH testing of things like urine is testing what your body is ejecting, not what the pH is IN your body.
The mineral reserves WOULD need to be replenished, so do that with your diet!
In my opinion, the article above is an inappropriate hit piece on PURE WATER.

“For the great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest, – but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. To often we hold fast to the cliches of our forebears.  We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinions without the discomfort of thought.”
~ John F. Kennedy (1917 – 1963)

“All truth passes through three stages.First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
~ Arthur Schopenhauer

“Nothing is too wonderful to be true”
~ Michael Faraday (1792 – 1897)(Father of electrolysis, the basic technology of Brown’s Gas)

“Inventions rarely come from people within an industry, but, instead come from people on the outside who aren’t under the same limiting beliefs & habitual thinking that forms within any organization or industry.”
~ Dr. James Asher  – San Jose State University – Author on Advanced Learning

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