WaterLovers Distiller 2800MKII

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WaterLovers Advanced Design Water Distiller with Smart Technology, Model 2800MKII

  • Brown’s Gas electrolyzers, like the AquaCure, require distilled water to operate.  It has been shown that PURE WATER is also the best water to drink, particularly IF you enhance the water with hydrogen AND electrons, as the AquaCure does.
  • The WaterLovers Model 2800MKII is the newest and most technologically advanced countertop water distiller to be produced in years.
  • State-of-the-art Australian and Dutch design and engineered with Smart Technology and many new and innovative safety and efficacy features that should price it in the $1500 range.
  • Patented Design & Technology – Simple One Touch Operation – Easy to Use – Produces 100% Pure Distilled Water with 0 ppm (Parts per Million)
  • European Style product design – Convenient travel friendly counter top design
  • Water never comes into contact with any plastic – Compact and easy to refill boiling reservoir – Heavy duty Borosilicate Glass Jug with Stainless Steel lid and silicon cap
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The Newest and Upgraded WaterLovers Distiller Model 2800MKII Water Distiller provides consistent results in maintaining water purity, glass after glass, year after year.
I (George Wiseman) have four of them in my home and workshop, in daily use for years now.

This kitchen friendly purification system will remove 99.9% of chemical and bacterial contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, mercury, lead, arsenic, viruses and more.

The WaterLovers Model 2800MKII Water Distiller produces pure water at 0 ppm (parts per million). For reference, tap water can be anywhere from 60-300 ppm depending on where you live.
NOTE that ppm with a TDS meter only measures ionizable impurities (most minerals)… A TDS meter does not measure organic impurities like oils, bacteria, viruses, hormones, drugs, etc. that also exist in most water.  Distillation reliably kills pathogens and separates out virtually all of the other impurities much simpler than filters and most RO systems.

Features & Benefits: Patented Design & Technology. Simple One Touch Operation. Produces 100% Pure Distilled Water with 0 ppm (Parts per Million). European Style product design. Convenient travel friendly counter top design.
Water never comes into contact with any plastic. Compact and easy to refill boiling reservoir. Heavy duty Borosilicate Glass Jug with Stainless Steel lid and silicon cap

Smart Safety and Efficiency Technology Features: Protective Anti-Boil Dry Digital Sensor (leaving 10ml water at the end of each cycle to reduce scale buildup). Condenser Overheat Protection. Smart adjustment of heating power (Automatically detects room temperature to adjust power usage during distillation). Fan and Vent protection (Auto shutdown if obstructed)

NOTE from George:
Distilled water from the store might test as 0 TDS (supposedly pure) but… may have oils (oils don’t show up on a TDS test) and oils combine with lye to form soap.  That’s how soap was made for thousands of years… But we do not want it inside the AquaCure.

The soap not only takes some of the lye away from the machine’s operation but the soap also plugs internal orifices and clouds the sight tube.  I think some of the oils come from the plastic containers they store the water in.  So it’s good to make your own distilled water, that never touches plastic.

In addition to less hassle of hauling gallons of water…
It’s also less expensive to make your own (higher quality) distilled water at home:

Here (in 2023) I can buy distilled water at WalMart for about $0.30 (30 cents) per liter.
This distiller distills about 3 liters of water in 3 hours, using an average of about 500 watts (varies depending on conditions).
So It costs me 0.5 watt-hour to make a liter of Distilled water.
Here TOU (use at night) electricity costs $0.08 (8 cents) per kWh, so my cost is $0.04 (4 cents) per liter.
My savings are (30-4=) 26 cents per liter.
At retail of $499, I’d pay for the Distiller in 805 days if I use 2 liters of water per day. I actually use up to 4 liters per day, so the payback is even quicker (about 400 days).

Specifications: Input: 110V VAC  Frequency: 60Hz. (or select 240 VAC, 50 Hz version)
Power Output: Rapid Boil 1500W / 500-750W. Efficiency: 99%.
Takes about 3 hours to distill a jug of water
Glass Jug Volume: 2.8 Litres, (3 Quarts).
Net Weight: 5.6kg.
Dimensions: 35cm L x 25cm W x 35cm H.
Designed & Engineered in Australia / Netherlands. We keep the cost down by manufacturing in P R China to our exacting specifications.

Materials: Unit Exterior: Heavy Gauge Food Grade Polypropylene.
Boiling Reservoir Interior: 304 Stainless Steel.
Water Flow Condenser Tube: 304 Stainless Steel.
Heating Element: Aluminum Alloy (Does not touch water).
Activated Charcoal Filter Tray: 304 Stainless Steel.
Glass Jug: 4mm Thick Borosilicate Glass.
Glass Jug Lid: 304 Stainless Steel.

240 VAC version will not work in America or Japan

Certifications: CE / CB / ROHS / CCC / SAA / RCM / TUV / GS / ETL

As a North American Distributor we (Eagle-Research) not only support the manufacturer’s 1 year warranty but we have the capability to provide customer support as needed.

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