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We first wrote the ‘Water as Fuel, Book 1’ to let people show what possibilities have been hidden by ‘vested interest’ for over 100 years. We are now taking EACH technology in the ‘Water as Fuel, Book 1’ and writing a specific manual that tells you exactly how to apply it to your vehicle (and home). So far we have the ‘HyZor Technology’ Manual and the ‘Water Injection’ Manual.

The HyZor Technology is ‘state of the art’ onboard electrolyzer technology, there is nothing more practical out there. I hear of people that are trying to make ‘onboard’ electrolyzers work. All of them need to upgrade to the HyZor Technology. Most of them won’t copy the HyZor, because they want to patent and the HyZor is public domain… Too Bad and good luck to them :)))

In addition to making a superior electrolyzer (water splitter) in the HyZor design, we tell you how to reduce the amount of electricity you use to make the gas. That’s why we call the Manual “HyZor Technology”.

The power supply is vitally important because you are using engine energy (fuel) to make the electricity that makes the gas. Generally, for every watt of electricity that the alternator produces, you had to use 5 watts worth of fuel. So the combustion needs to be significantly improved to get any fuel gain. The HyZor uses super-efficient electrolysis (using a technique independently tested at 98% efficient) combined with innovative, efficient, practical power supply options. For most applications, the HyZor produces between 5% and 50% fuel savings.

The HyZor makes Brown’s Gas from water, and then uses the Brown’s Gas to enhance combustion, specifically in vehicles. It is simple and straightforward to build, install and operate.

Then, once you have the HyZor installed, the Brown’s Gas not only significantly enhances combustion, it acts as a catalyst to allow you to replace up to 50% of your fuel with water, with no significant performance loss. The ‘Water Injection’ book tells you how.

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When you try to melt materials like rock, ceramic and brick, the material changes characteristics, going like a fused glass. If you continue to apply Brown’s Gas, the various materials will either melt or vaporize till you have only a pure form left. This resulting material has unique characteristics that it’s original form did not. Example: It’s is very much harder. If you keep heating this with Brown’s Gas, it will vaporize too.

Also, it’s been discovered that when Brown’s Gas reforms into water, it is NEW WATER and has some very unique characteristics. It seems that water contains vast amounts of life energy and information, which is erased when it is split apart and re-formed. This new water can be programed to give super-health to those drinking it, plants too. And there is some evidence to show that new water can be made into solids that are not water, further experiments to this ‘transmutation’ need to be done.