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Why would anyone want Brown’s Gas in their lives?

We have discovered that Brown’s Gas has the potential to affect every area of our lives. It can lower our cost of living, improve our health, allow our civilization to stop pollution, reverse existing pollution and provide huge economic gains.

A reader put together this series of videos to show some of the uses of Brown’s Gas.

Here I have written about Brown’s Gas for Health.

Another example is when using Brown’s Gas instead of traditional industrial gasses (like acetylene) for cutting, preheating, welding, soldering, brazing, etc. it lowers the fuel cost by as much as 98%, while doing the work faster, easier and with much higher quality results. Also, the exhaust is water, absolutely no pollution. See a profile of using Brown’s Gas for cutting steel(Note to fix link).

Examples of ‘traditional’ applications are listed on

See also POLITICALLY HOT BROWN’S GAS USES(Note to fix link)

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