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The following resources are available from eagle-research. Click on a group to list the resouces in it. Some are locked until purchase.

AC50 Resources

EA-H160 Resources

ER50 Resources

Browns Gas Book 1 Resources

Browns Gas Book 2 Resources

Carburetor Enhancer Resources


EFIE Resources

Extreme Mileage 101 Resources

HyCO 2DT Resources

HyZor Resources

Super Gas Saver Secrets Resources

Water As Fuel Resources

Water Injection Resources

Buoyancy Report Resources

Capacitive Power Supply Resources

Energy Conserver Theory Book 1 Resources

Energy Conserver Theory Book 2 Resources

Ezekiels Wheel

Free Energy Accumulator Resources

Gravity Report Resources

HEAT Technology Resources

Pneumatic/Hydraulic Report Resources

Reverse Your Electric Meter, Legally Resources

Wisemans Wheels Resources

Tesla Disk Technology Reference Resources

Tesla Pump Comments Resources

Physical Product

Waterlovers Distiller Resources

Browns Gas Pump Resources