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Where do I find Distilled Water?

Where do I find Distilled Water?

For Australians, the Distilled water web site is and the water is available at “Autobarn” Stores.
Those stores are Australia wide.
I am not saying these are the best available but are a good start.

Personally, even though I can get distilled water in many places locally, I prefer to make my own with the distiller I recommend in this eNews.

Some places can’t get distilled water so distillers are their only option.

Virtually ANY distiller will work and you can find plenty of options on Amazon or eBay (Do check out the reviews).
Recent study shows the WaterWise 9000 to be a good one (I haven’t tried it yet).

Other places have distilled water so inexpensive and readily available that it’s crazy to buy a distiller.

Here I can get distilled water for $1 per 4 liters in my local dollar store.

My electrical cost is $0.08 per kWh (night time cost).

So at 750 watts it would cost $0.06 per hour or $0.36 for 4 liters, plus I don’t have to take time to go to the store.

So it makes sense for me.

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