HEAT technology is fasinating. Heat is around us everywhere, yet is slippery to aquire. There are many forms of heat, which can each be used in particular ways to enhance our energy comfort and independence.

I do promote burning eco-fuels; which are fuels developed in one life cycle in our earth’s eco-system. Example; wood, a tree releases exactly the same amount of carbon dioxide into the air when it decomposes (eaten, rot or burned) as it took out of the air as it grew; thus we have no net increase or decrease in our eco-system as we know it now. Look under eco-fuels on this website for other examples of eco-fuels.

I do not promote the burning of petro-chemicals, coal or nuclear. In fact, it is my belief, based on my calculations and observations that using such heat sources will destroy the environment as we know it today. People are just beginning to realize that we live on a spaceship and the life zone of the planet is thinner than the skin of an apple.

The problem with burning oil and coal is that these fuels have removed carbon from the atmosphere billions of years ago. The earth’s atmosphere was very different then, and certainly not what we’d be comfortable with.

What most people still don’t realize is that we have already gone too far; the time to make the changes was in the 1970’s. There is no ‘practical’ way to revert to our eden-like present without going through a lot of environmental changes. We are in for severe hardships.

On the bright side, there are ways for individuals to provide their own power, heat their homes, cool their homes, and fuel their vehicles with common environmental ambient heat.

Oil and coal are wonderful resources, that have many uses other than burning them. It pains me to see useful and hard to replace resources burned up.

All change starts with individuals; I’m doing it for myself, then I’m helping everyone I can. I hope I’ve helped you.

And please, I don’t know everything, if there’s some way you can help me, then I can help others more.

Thank you.