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What to look for when considering The purchase of any hydrogen technology

1. Safety:

Like anything, HydrOxy (aka Brown’s Gas, BG or HHO) is safe if handled correctly.  Look for a machine that has safety features like:

a. Low liquid level shutoff (because electrolyzers that run out of fluid can explode)

b. High Pressure electrical shutoff (to stop making gas if the pressure rises, because if the pressure rises too high the electrolyzer can explode).

c. Low operating pressure (because the higher the pressure, the more violent the explosion).  The AquaCure has an operating pressure of  ~2 psi, many others operate at 20 psi (the potential explosive difference is like a balloon or a bomb).

d. Mechanical High Pressure Relief Valve (because electronic switches can fail, so a backup is needed)

e. Timer switch (so machine automatically shuts off)

f. Adequate scrubbing and/or means to keep the gas clean and pure.

g. A machine that is safety certified and exceeds all international safety standards.

2. Proven Customer Satisfaction

a. A business that has been building and selling electrolyzers worldwide since 1986 with 98% customer satisfaction.

b. A business that will tell you ALL the dangers and teach you how to operate the machine safely.

c. A business that will work one-on-one with customers to answer any questions.

3. Low and/or easy maintenance 

4. Lifetime Warranty

5. 1 year satisfaction guarantee or full purchase price refunded.

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