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Shouldn’t I feel the gas coming out of the cannulas?

Shouldn’t I feel the gas coming out of the cannulas?

You can (and should) confirm that gas is coming out the end of the hose (or nose cannulas) by putting the end in a glass of water.   The gas flow coming out of the cannulas should be the same as you see in the humidifier and Drinking water bubbler.

I can’t imagine anyone being able to ‘feel’ the gas coming out.  Do you ‘feel the air you normally breathe?  This gas is only 4% of the 100% that you normally breathe.

It’s a SMALL amount of gas compared to the volume of air that you breathe.  
It’s deliberately kept that way for SAFETY.

You need to keep the percentage of hydrogen in the intake breath under 4%, because over 4% hydrogen is potentially explosive.  
I design the AquaCure for SAFETY but also for maximum therapeutic effectiveness.

Most scientific studies that are showing therapeutic benefits are doing so with a 2% mixture of hydrogen in the intake breath.  I designed the AquaCure so that you can OPTIMIZE your gas production for YOU and stay under the 4% explosive limit.

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