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How long can I store the AquaCure FAQ

Lots of people travel and do not take their AquaCure with them.  
I take mine with me, so I drain out all the fluids for travel (unless I KNOW that the machine won’t be turned upside down).

As for storage, the AquaCure can be ’stored’ for months with the lye in it.  The ‘problem’ with storage comes from the water evaporating out and leaving the lye crystals behind, which plug up the small orifices inside the machine.  But if the water cannot escape everything is fine.

If you do have lye crystals in a machine, you’d pour in boiling hot water and dump multiple times to dissolve the lye crystals.

If you have any doubt, the safest is to pour out the lye solution into a storage jar with plastic lid (no metal).  

Then, when you return, if the lye has crystalized in the jar, just remix it into the solution (make sure to dissolve every bit) and pour it back into the AquaCure.

Shut down and packing for storage or shipment

Is it OK to leave the electrolyte in the machine for extended times between uses?

If it is SEALED, it’s OK to leave for months.  The issue is when water evaporates, it causes the lye to crystalize and plug everything up.

If it won’t be sealed or to be safe, it’s a good idea to drain it completely and rinse it with tap water a couple of times to get most of the lye out (or a few times to get rid of accumulated sludge).

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