Turds As Fuel

People have used turds as fuel for centuries. In North America, buffalo chips were the campfire fuel of the indians and pioneers. There is a huge resource that some people could tap for home fuel use. Dog poop for example; it won’t be put on fields as fertilizer and people hate to step in it, but dried it burns well in the type of burner described under ‘Eco-Fuels wood’.

Then there is methane, which is so called natural gas, which is the same as farts. This is a very clean burning, easily produced fuel. Lots of people (including me) produce quantities of it already :))

All the technology needed to apply this technology to homes, electrical generators and vehicles is on the shelf, ready to buy. All the information you need to turn turds into methane is also readily available, though you’ll have to build your own digestor and gas storage system.

All you need is a digester and a compressor to pump the gas into storage tanks to use. This system is straightforward, but will require skill to build, maintain and operate.

We’ll expand on this option as we fill out this website.