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Is this pure hydrogen generator better?

No, that one (and any others that use PEM technology) cannot make Brown’s Gas.  You just get pure H2.  

Some examples: 

Nothing wrong with pure H2, it’s just technology that is obsolete compared to the therapeutic value of BG, because pure H2 does not have ExW.

The added electrons from the ExW give the body the ENERGY needed to mitigate oxidative cascade and jump-start the entire healing process.

Hydrogen is a nutrient, a building brick.  Nothing happens to it without ENERGY.

Old and sick people have compromised energy generation systems and have depleted their energy reserves… So while pure hydrogen is GOOD and helpful because you give the body the nutrient it’s NOT getting enough of because of compromised digestive systems… Pure hydrogen alone cannot ‘do’ anything without energy (electrons).  So the BG gives BOTH the hydrogen AND the electrons to maximize therapeutic value.

PEM/SPE technology *CAN* provide both gasses – Hydrogen and Oxygen (re-combined in the output tubing) – however, they are created on separate sides of the membrane, and the ExW and free electrons are created in between the electrodes in a Brown’s Gas/HHO device.  

The electrodes in a PEM/SPE device are physically separated by the membrane and therefor (quite literally) cannot make the ExW, the membrane prevents it.

While ALL studies that use pure hydrogen are applicable to Brown’s Gas as well, we have seen conditions that respond to Brown’s Gas that are documented to not respond to Hydrogen in the “studies” done with Hydrogen only.

We can call it “static hydrogen” compared to the “energy filled gas” that is created in the BG electrolyzers.  

With BG, you also get both diatomic (H2) and monatomic (H) forms of Hydrogen with a BG machine (in addition to O2 and “singlet” O). 

If you simply want static Hydrogen, you can order cylinders of Hydrogen and get the same effects as a PEM/SPE device.   :o)

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