The emphasis in that question is on ‘prepared’. If you’re ‘prepared’, you probably won’t have to ‘do without’ too much. More to the point, if you’re prepared from the inside out – you’re far less likely to feel insecure by the loss of conveniences or ‘normal’ life.

It’s a matter of perspective. Most of us feel we need certain things. Practice doing without them for a few days to a few weeks at a time. Pay attention to your reactions to perceived deprivation.

What can’t you do without?

  • your favourite pillow
  • a daily shower
  • coffee/tea
  • fast food
  • cigarettes
  • television
  • video games
  • a flush toilet
  • morning radio wake-ups
  • ice cubes
  • public transportation
  • the telephone
  • your washer and dryer
  • an electric razor
  • power tools
  • Twinkies . . .
  • a daily helping of emails
  • your direct payment card . . .

• Investigate Your Emotional Responses:

Do you get feelings of terror when the sun sets and you’re without electricity? Are you overwhelmed with isolation without a phone, emails, and TV? How do you feel about water when you have only a limited ration? What frightens you? What causes panic? What makes your temper fly? . . .