An “over-unity” machine is shown here. A Bouyancy machine. This machine has not been built to date (May, 98) and would be expensive for the estimated power output. Although it could pay for itself before it wears out.

This type of machine have several advantages. They work on principles inherent in fluids, gasious and liquid. They do not require additional energy input of any conventional kind, yet will output net power. It doesn’t matter if the wind blows, water flows, sun shines and you have no combustion of any kind. There is no pollution and no waste products. There is no radioactivity or any kind of harmful emissions from the machines. The machines could be locked in a room and the only thing that would come out is continous power.

There have been many “over-unity” attempts using these effects in the past. It has been my “job” to spot the reasons that they fail. I do this for my own inventions, so it was no problem to apply my knowledge to other inventions. In most cases, my knowledge easily spots the problems. For e 

Buoyancy Report (Free Energy)Example; I mention the CEACU wheel (which doesn’t take into account the energy needed to accelerate the fluid), various bouyancy patents listed in “perpetual motion” book by Lindsay Publications (which have quite a few easily spotted problems) and some “projects” written up by “Others” (businesses who accumulate collages of ideas and literature from others put together plans that they think should work and try to get still others to build them; which is OK except that they tell their customers that the machines WILL work).

I desciribe my version of a buoyancy machine in my ‘Buoyancy Report’. The money gained by selling these reports contributes to the further research of these technologies. It’s easy to know what people want researched, we just watch which literature sells.

In the case outlined in this report, I can see no reason why it won’t work. So, it’s a matter of time to build and test it, to find out why it won’t work. Or….maybe it will…..