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Can I put a bag of BG over my entire head?

First, no, because you’d suffocate.  While BG is breathable, the AquaCure does NOT make enough gas to support your oxygen needs.

If you are talking putting the bag over just your scalp, to help grow hair or heal a wound, that’s OK.

But over your eyes, nose and ears so that BG is the ONLY gas in the bag?  NO!  DANGER!

Pure BG is explosive.

It doesn’t hurt an arm, leg or your scalp when it explodes because the bag can POP and there are no sensitive mucus membranes exposed to the flash of high temperature and pressure of explosion.

So it is reasonably safe.  Just startling as the POP is LOUD!

If you put your head in a bag of BG, the explosion could go into your lungs and ears and eyes, making you deaf and blind… But you won’t care about being deaf and blind because you won’t be able to breathe as your lungs will be splattered inside you.  You’ll be dead in minutes as you suffocate.

Same for a room of BG, it’s a bomb.  But now it isn’t a loud POP of a bag, it’s enough gas to blow the windows and doors out of your house.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be in a room of gas that explodes.

I advise ONLY using nasal cannulas to breathe the BG and to keep the breathed BG hydrogen content under 4% so that there is no possibility of explosion.

People who propose bagging the head or filling a room with BG scare the hell out of me.  It’s a recipe for disaster that could be avoided.

You get NO BENEFIT from this that you cannot achieve using the BG in spot application and/or using the BG bubbled water (on wrinkles, etc.).

Fill a bag with BG and ignite it (outdoors)… 

Then tell me you are OK with having your head in there…

I tell people of these dangers because they need to KNOW them to handle HydrOxy safely.

Most of my ‘competition’ does NOT inform you of the dangers or include all of our safety features because they only want your money and really don’t care about YOU!

We are in this business to HELP PEOPLE regain and maintain health.

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