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What Water Distiller Do You Recommend?

All Eagle-Research designed electrolyzers (WaterTorches, ER50 and AquaCure machines) require distilled water to operate efficiently and for extended times.  In fact, NOT using distilled water is cause for invalid Warranty.

Impure water, depending on the impurities, cause poisonous gas formation, sludge formation, foaming, electrode corrosion / disintegration and electrode masking (impurities sticking to the plate).

RO water, De-ionized water, Spring water, ‘Filtered’ water, Good well water, etc. are all NOT PURE ENOUGH!  After decades of experience, the ONLY safe choice is DISTILLED WATER.

Many of people have had issues finding reasonably priced distilled water, or in some cases, any distilled water at all… Or the distilled water is purchased in plastic that isn’t as good as it should be.

And I’ve told them a simple solution is to buy a home water distiller.
They’d then reasonably ask… What water distiller would YOU recommend?  To which, until now, I didn’t have a good answer because I mostly just built my own distiller whenever I needed one.

So I set out on an exploration of the internet, to find out what was out there and found there is now a wide variety, from home build plans to distillers costing over $5000.  I narrowed my search to qualities that would be reasonable in a home of anyone using an ER50 or AquaCure.

There are lots of good options… Frankly you can go in the $150 range and find quite a few that will be adequate… All you need is 50,000 ohm pure water.

But (as an expert in water and distillers) what would I recommend?
After buying a few that I thought would be acceptable,  I found ONE that stood out. WAY OUT!  It’s now the ONLY one I use (and I have one that cost over $2500).  In fact I now use 3 of them in my home.

The quality of this distiller should put it in the $1500 range. It has features (like the pre-heat for light-end gas removal) that my $2500 distiller (and most distillers) don’t have.  I can find NO FAULT anywhere on the engineering of this machine, it’s like they designed my dream water distiller.

I find the pricing of about $400 to be astonishingly LOW for it’s professional, heavy duty quality, that has features NOT included in much more expensive machines AND it’s fully certified practically every way that can be.  It’s presentation is also world-class.  These people did a fantastic job.

Update: Unfortunately… The distributor selling them in North America was ‘shady’ as he was actually just selling off his inventory.
1. He did not honor his marketing agreement with me.
2. He did not service machines that ‘broke down’. (it was an easy $5 fix)
3. He took money from customers, then didn’t send product and did not refund the money.

I have subsequently fixed the machines that my customers bought on my recommendation and am negotiating with the original manufacturer to be the North American distributor.  These are amazing distillers.  It looks like I’ll have inventory to sell you in about 2 months (today in May 6th, 2020)

But in the meantime, virtually ANY distiller will work and you can find plenty of options on Amazon or eBay (Do check out the reviews).
Recent study shows the WaterWise 9000 to be a good one (I haven’t tried it yet).  I have tried the WaterWise 4000 and found it acceptable.

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