Fuel Saving Basics

Sustainable Thinking    
At Eagle-Research developing fuel-saving methods and devices is not just a way to make a living, it’s an applied philosophy. Everyday, we make choices, in both our personal and professional lives, based on how those choices will impact our energy consumption. Being able to afford fuel is not the motivating factor here. The driving force (excuse the pun), in making choices that save more than dollars, is to make sense. There are other kinds of costs to be considered than this month’s money. Sustainable thinking is a way of looking at life that considers not only one’s present, but one’s own future. Choices made today affect the quality of life next week, next month, next year.

Super Secrets 
There are dozens of no cost and low costs ways to lower fuel costs that can contribute to the quality of your own life, the quality of life for everyone on the planet and the ability of the Earth to continue to support our needs. Eagle-Research describes strategic ways to enhance your mileage without having to spend a load of money. Starting with fuel saving techniques, continuing with simple projects and following through with unique ways to make your own fuel.

Extreme Mileage 
Ideally, extreme mileage serves as the beginning of a training course for high-mileage-seekers who are working for gains with internal combustion engines. (Techniques for external combustion will be covered in other literature.) ‘Extreme Mileage’ is an introduction to the mind-opening facts (yes, facts!) that clearly illustrate why, we could and should be getting greater than (>) 200 miles per gallon in … full-sized, four-door vehicles!