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What’s the difference between the ER50 and the AquaCure?


The PRACTICAL difference in gas quality between the ER50 and the AquaCure isn’t noticeable in ongoing therapy.  
The AquaCure has less ExW, for sure, because I’m using the China chassis electrolyzer instead of my own (twice as efficient) technology; but (so far) we are finding the gas quality is not significantly less theraputic.  
I have NO reservations recommending the AquaCure for salons… In fact, oxygen bars are my very first target market (after filling the needs of my loyal customers).
The biggest difference is that the AquaCure is designed to be the world’s SAFEST and most PRACTICAL Brown’s Gas (BG, HydrOxy or HHO) electrolyzer, specifically optimized for Health Application.
The ER50 is a very basic electrolyzer to which you’ll need to add components and it has none of the safety features of the AquaCure.  It is (and it looks like it) an experimental proof of concept which I still sell BECAUSE it is a lower cost option for people who can’t afford the AquaCure, who have the skills to assemble it and are willing to undertake the extra responsibility of operating it safely.
Upgrading the ER50 to the safety standards of an EA-H160 AquaCure would be TERRIBLY PRICY.  Believe me, if it was practical I’d have done it instead of using a Chinese chassis.  
It’d cost me at least $2000.00 just for the parts (some of which are custom built and NOT available ‘off the shelf’).  I was NOT joking when I said I’d need to charge $5000 for an ER50 machine with AquaCure standards if 100% built in America.  China has CRAZY low prices and their quality has risen to an acceptable level (for some parts at least).  The Orient is also FAR ahead of America in Brown’s Gas applications.
I am going to be making a ‘course’ that explains exactly what I did to build the AquaCure so that anyone can start their own business building under their own brand name.   I think the $10,000 I’ll be charging for the course would be a good investment anyone.
There will be people who try to buy the AquaCure from me and try to reverse engineer it anyway, so I’m being pro-active so that I can assure myself they ‘do it correctly’ based on my DECADES (since 1986) of electrolyzer building experience.  It would cost them at least $10,000 to reverse engineer, including finding / designing all the components, etc.  It has cost me millions of dollars and decades of time to learn what I know… so I think that price is fair.
I really do want to get this Brown’s Gas for Health technology ‘out there’ in widespread use and the market is so HUGE that there’s room for lots of new millionaires.


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