Inner Preparedness

(a glimpse inside Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival)

Self-reliance and crisis survival are more than gathering supplies, planning escape routes, sharpening skills and locating alternate sources of water. The effects of personal tragedy, environmental disasters or worldwide breakdown are not just physical. There are emotional, mental, social and spiritual repercussions to be reckoned with too.

Prepare Mentally

It's entirely possible to get all kinds of survival supplies and think you're prepared, but not have dealt with the internal processes necessary to make it through hard times.

Prepare Emotionally

If you're from a large city where you've never had to face the feelings that come from not having utilities, have never been without a job for very long or lived through a devastating natural disaster, you really aren't prepared - no matter how much water and food you store.

Prepare Spiritually

Managing to stay sane during the rigors of daily stress is not enough. In our normal, functioning lives we, unconsciously, rely on hundreds of harmless little crutches.

Prepare Socially

Until you've experienced upheaval, displacement and loss of control, you really don't know what comforts you use to stay balanced.