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More HydrOxy Gas is NOT ‘safer’

__________________________SMALL is GOOD (a writeup I’m working on)_________________________________

Note that therapeutic volumes of hydrogen are SMALL!  

Most of the 1000+ scientific studies test at 2% hydrogen in the intake breath (about 9 L/H for an adult or 20% setting on the AquaCure).  

We know people BELIEVE what the SEE and THINK ‘more is better’.  So we suggest about 18 L/H or 40% setting on the AquaCure, for a 4% hydrogen in the intake breath (assuming an adult breathing).

Any mixture greater than 4% of hydrogen in air is a potentially explosive mixture.  That is the danger here.

HydrOxy gas is NOT poisonous or toxic in any way.  There is NO way to ‘over-dose’.  You could literally breath 100% HydrOxy gas (no air) if you had a machine big enough to provide that volume of HydrOxy.

Note: The AquaCure can only make 50 L/H, so can only provide a supplement of 4% hydrogen into the 96% air you breathe.  

The 100% PWM setting on the AquaCure is only talking about 100% of 50 L/H, not 100% of all the air (assuming 450 L/H) you breath in.

I take precautions against static sparks (high humidity in the room, no synthetic clothing, no carpeting, etc.) I ground everything and I use nose cannulas ONLY (virtually no spark can get up into my nostrils).  It may also help to use a grounded anti-static wristband like they use when handling static sensitive electronics.

The next point is that once the blood is saturated with hydrogen, you actually breath OUT as much as you breath IN.  Which is one of the reasons there is no toxic limit.  So any volume greater than that required to saturate the blood is redundant and un-needed.  2% hydrogen in the intake breath is proven SCIENTIFICALLY to be PLENTY to saturate the blood in about 15 minutes.

My point is that MORE is NOT needed and is thus NOT better.  

MORE is possible and not dangerous in any other way EXCEPT this annoying explosive thing.  

And since more than 2% is NOT needed to saturate the blood with hydrogen, our PWM setting of 40% (which is just below the 4% explosive limit for an adult) is the most volume I’m comfortable with seeing people use.

So do not think (I know it is hard to believe) that MORE is better or even needed.  It’s not.  

I want you to be healthy and I want you to be SAFE!

It does our business good to have lots of healthy people.

It won’t do this technology any good if someone has an explosion in their lungs.

The government would likely impose sanctions on this otherwise benign and NEEDED technology like they shut down the space program the the Challenger blew up.

All that said, the less than 100% is ONLY for breathing.  For ALL OTHER APPLICATIONS / PROTOCOLS I’d personally use PWM 100% with no concern whatsoever.

Use PWM 100% to bubble water (if you are not also breathing) like in a bathtub or foot bath or just bubbling a big batch of water.

Use PWM 100% for external application of HydrOxy gas with spot applicator or bagging.  If there is a ambient pressure external explosion of the gas, it sounds sharp and loud but is no more dangerous than a balloon popping.  

It’s the internal explosions that would be dangerous to health.  Breathe less than 4% hydrogen in the intake breath and the HydrOxy;air mixture is NOT explosive.

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