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How do I measure the ExW portion of the Brown’s Gas?

How would I go about determining the % of “Electrically Expanded Water” (Browns Gas) is in the output of my generator?
A technical way, find a spectro analysis machine and test the ‘wet’ gas and ‘dry’ gas for H2O.  The portion of H2O in the ‘dry’ gas is ExW.  Extrapolate percentage to whatever volume you are producing.  Be careful what method you use to dry the gas because you do not want to lose the extra electrons that form the cold negative plasma form of water (the ExW).
The inference way.  Measure the gas volume and wattage input, dry the gas (to remove water moisture) and do the same, compare to Faraday Efficiency, subtract the ‘reasonable’ electrolysis inefficiencies and the volume left is ExW.  Calculate the percentage from the above volumes.
If there is any other way, I’m not yet aware of it.
The ExW is inextricably associated within the mixture.  I know of no way to make it or separate it without destroying it.

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