An energy inventor like myself must always look for ‘energy hills’. There isn’t actually a ‘hill’, just conditions where there is more energy in one place than another, or there is a ‘flow’ of energy or there is a source of renewable potential energy.

Most energy tends to be homoginous because of ‘positive entropy’. In other words, energy tends to spread out evenly, become disorganized. We look for places that energy has concentrated and other places that energy has become lean; this condition is called ‘negative entropy’ or energy becoming organized.

Once we find organized energy conditions that we think we can turn into electricity, then we need to design devices that will actually do it. Example; conventionally we have energy flows like solar rays, in which we can insert a device called a solar cell. Another example is a river, in which we can insert a water wheel or turbine. Another example is hot and cold, in which we insert a heat engine of some type. Notice that every type of energy flow requires a different kind of device.

Also notice my use of the word ‘conventional’. I smile as I point this out. A short time ago our ‘conventional’ didn’t even exist. People used animals for power and burned things for heat. Electricity didn’t exist. Actually, electricity did exist, we just hadn’t recognized it and developed means to use it. The truth be known, no one really knows what electricity is. Inventors must think ‘unconventionally’, imagining that there is more information out there than we now know.

Now, with that introduction, I introduce gravity as a potential energy source. This idea is not new, lots of people have been working to make some kind of gravity powered devices. Gravity is the most available potential power source I know; it is easy to prove that there is a constant accelleration of 32 ft per second per second. Again, no one knows what gravity is, but we can measure gravity effects, so we can design devices to use gravity.

I have designed and am experimenting with a gravity powered prime mover and it looks VERY good. All the advantages of the buoyancy machine and few of the disadvantages. You’ve got to read my ‘Gravity Report.’