“For best customer service we prefer people ask us questions and communicate via eMail.
Email allows us to see previous communication and share links, files, etc.

BUT: our eMail system is currently being unreliable, so IF you aren’t receiving an answer from us, it’s likely because we didn’t receive your eMail.

SO DURING this interim time, until we can find and fix the problem, we’ve set up a TEMPORARY HELP phone number 1-207-881-4105 .
PLEASE call it ONLY if you’ve already sent an eMail or two and not received an answer back within 1 business day.”

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    FAQ: Could I Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime or call?
    Frankly, only if absolutely necessary.   Please eMail, at least at first.  MOST issues can be handled quickly by eMail and I can answer eMails as I get a few minutes during the day (or night), instead of scheduling a call.
    I don’t have anyone trained to appropriately answer questions (yet) so I personally handle all communications… Which takes about 6-8 hours of my day, everyday (I work 12-14 hour days).
    I’m crazy busy with all the logistics involved in building these machines and supporting customers.  I don’t answer the phone when out of the office or in meetings, after business hours, etc.  So people (who do get my number) usually end up leaving a message anyway.
    I also prefer to have a written record (eMail) so that I can review when communicating with people, so PLEASE include the previous text when responding so I can address issues quickly, adequately, relevantly and appropriately…  

    I help hundreds of people and cannot remember every ‘conversation’.

    Without the previous text, I often need to ask the same questions again or make incorrect assumptions.  

    And I prefer eMail over texting (I can’t spend time pecking on my phone) or Messenger (I’m seldom on FaceBook).
    So please use the eMail form to initiate the conversation.  Thank you 🙂
    May the blessings be
    George Wiseman


    Eagle-Research, Inc.
    c/o Mail Receiving
    266 Elmwood Avenue, #422
    Buffalo, New York 14222