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FAQ: Could I Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime or call?
Frankly, only if absolutely necessary.   Please eMail, at least at first.  MOST issues can be handled quickly by eMail and I can answer eMails as I get a few minutes during the day (or night), instead of scheduling a call.
I don’t have anyone trained to appropriately answer questions (yet) so I personally handle all communications… Which takes about 6-8 hours of my day, everyday (I work 12-14 hour days).
I’m crazy busy with all the logistics involved in building these machines and supporting customers.  I don’t answer the phone when out of the office or in meetings, after business hours, etc.  So people (who do get my number) usually end up leaving a message anyway.
I also prefer to have a written record (eMail) so that I can review when communicating with people, so PLEASE include the previous text when responding so I can address issues quickly, adequately, relevantly and appropriately…  

I help hundreds of people and cannot remember every ‘conversation’.

Without the previous text, I often need to ask the same questions again or make incorrect assumptions.  

And I prefer eMail over texting (I can’t spend time pecking on my phone) or Messenger (I’m seldom on FaceBook).
So please use the eMail form to initiate the conversation.  Thank you 🙂
May the blessings be
George Wiseman


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