Plants Don’t Lie


By George Wiseman, Sat, 2016-11-26 04:28

Plants Don’t Lie
The information is in this document click here for PDF Download 

A hydroponic system where a variety of vegetables on the left are 
watered with Brown’s Gas bubbled well water.  The plants on the right got regular well water.

Read the details by downloading the Full PDF Document Plants Don’t Lie

This customer is giving BG bubbled water to a succulent (looks like a Jade plant).  The ‘stems’ perked up and lots of new growth started at the base.

Scientific review of using Hydrogen for Plant health.  There are HUNDREDS of studies showing that hydrogen is healthful for humans.

Hydrogen is the main constituent of Brown’s Gas (BG) but is only one of 6 constituents that ALL increase Plant health!

Brown’s Gas contains 6 different constituents, which are varying forms of hydrogen and oxygen.  One of the most important, which CANNOT be achieved with bottled gasses, is Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) which is a cold plasma (negatively ionized gas).  These extra electrons are bioassimilable in an EXTREMELY healthful way.

Personal UPDATE: In addition to all the other personal benefits I listed in the ‘Plants Don’t Lie‘ document, I’ve recently noticed that all the warts on my body have disappeared

I’ve had hand warts since childhood, got them from my best friend (he’s still my best friend).  They were generally pretty benign and small (I’d clip out any that grew in size), but now they are GONE!  I literally can’t find one and there were usually at least a dozen.  I do not know when they left but it’s good to see them gone 🙂 Then there’s the plantar wart that was on my foot (gross, I know).  I’d have to peal it off (the excess skin) occasionally (about once every two months) or it’d be painful (like a stone in my shoe).  
I THINK it must have pealed off when the severe psoriasis left my feet (all my skin) baby skin smooth.  I didn’t notice it gone until just now (December 2016) when I noticed that my hand warts were gone.

I feel this is IMPORTANT because if BG helps the body get rid of such persistent VIRUSES (warts are usually caused by viruses) then WOW… What other viruses can it help get rid of, like the flu, Aids, …the list is endless… 

Another thing… I always thought the thick white callus on hands, elbows, knees and feet was normal, because I’ve had them from childhood, working hard on my Dad’s ranch.   I didn’t know the thick white pealing skin was psoriasis.  I’m amazed at how smooth my skin is compared to friends my age (nearly 60).  I’ve can’t remember a time when I’ve had skin so smooth!   I don’t use any ‘rejuvenation’ or ‘hydrating’ creams, etc.  I guess being a guy, I never felt the need (it was an advantage to look older).  Now that I’m actually older I was considering it…but the BG seems to be doing everything such creams promise, from the inside out.   Again I think…”If this is what I’m seeing on the OUTSIDE, what must be happening on the INSIDE?!”

October 2018 Personal Update:First, ALL my scars have dissappeared (and I had some large ones).  Many of my customers are reporting the same thing.

Second, I ran across this article on GRIEF.  I absolutely understand and I think NO ONE who has not experienced the grief of loss of a soul mate can understand the crushing vacuum it leaves (there are no words to describe it).  
I believe breathing the BG HELPED ME RECOVER from my severe grief.  
I literally didn’t care if I lived or died (to follow my late wife) and I think I would have died if I hadn’t started breathing BG.
BG re-invigorated my body and made it so I enjoyed living, so I was more able to deal with my grief.  The grief is still there, even though I’ve now re-married, but now it’s a reminder of how much I loved rather than causing me to not care about living. 

Radiation Mitigation:
Another interesting detail is when I flew to Alburquerque NM to do my presentation to the TeslaTech Conference and was in the air for 4 hours…  Air travel exposes you to significant radiation damage, which can be seen in the blood.

The next day, as I attended the conference, I had the opportunity to have my blood looked at in a dark field microscope.  Two things stood out… First, the technition said I had the strongest immune system she’d ever seen; which makes sense since I haven’t gotten sick since I started drinking BG bubbled water in 2005. Second, she simply would NOT believe I had just gotten off a 4 hour plane ride.  There was NONE of the radiation damage that she would expect to see. Since then I’ve discovered that breathing hydrogen has been scientifically proven to help preventmitigate and heal radiation damage.  So the ‘protection’ I get from breathing BG is real and proven… And something really important in today’s society where we are bombarded with radiation from all sides.

Some MORE videos about using BG for health

Breathing BG helped paraplegic woman. Also edema and high blood pressure.

Breathing BG stopped hand tremors in 30 minutes!  Maintenance keeps health intact. 

2017 Lift Booth Presentation Video loop.  

Compiled List of human health issues healed or mitigated by Brown’s Gas.

There are now hundreds of scientific papers verifying the health benefits of hydrogen.  
A few of them specify using Brown’s Gas, like this one.  and this one.  and this one.  and this one. and this one.
HydrOxy Followup 82 cancer patients.
Stem cell research. Another one. Another.

Here’s my (interim notes) on longevity using Hydrogen for Health.
Another Dr. on Hydrogen to increase longevity.  

Plant Study using Hydrogen 

Answers to some FAQ:

Q ~ What is Brown’s Gas?

Q ~ How do I use Brown’s Gas to improve my HEALTH?

Q ~ What is Brown’s Gas good for?
Brown’s Gas has DOZENS of practical applications (besides health), examples are;
A PDF outlining using Brown’s Gas as a torch fuel.
A PDF proving Brown’s Gas improves fuel combustion (needs re-linked). 

Q ~ Where do I buy machines that create Brown’s Gas?
Buy your ER50 (Brown’s Gas generator) Basic Kit here
Buy your AquaCure (Brown’s Gas Generator) (model AC50) here  

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This video shows that BG bubbling alone isn’t enough, the plants also need nutrients; but with both the growth, flowering and fruit are impressive!

Thu, 2017-03-09 05:21 — John Loken


Here is a quick video showing fish that were raised in Brown’s Gas (aka BG or HHO) bubbled pond water, compared to fish of the same age who were raised in regular pond water.  

The BG bubbled water fish are MUCH BIGGER

The hydroponics farmer is Jean Paul Roy…
The fish is from the early hydroponics testing where he just put some fish babys in the hydroponics well.
As you can see from the video they are now about twice as big as the other ones.
The fish is now in a (regular fish) tank because he is adding many nutrients to the hydroponics water so the water is dark to look at. I bet the fish is happier in a tank with a view!
At the moment they are only getting air bubbled.
It might interest you that the big fish got some gill disease/growth that is now dissapearing because JP is putting 10 drops of activated MMS in the fish tank every day.

Update: Using Brown’s Gas to enhance an Aquaponic system.

Update: Historical information on ‘electrifying’ the growing of plants… Pretty much by adding electrons like the ExW portion of Brown’s Gas does.

Thu, 2017-03-09 05:09 — John Loken