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Could the Tee splitter be used to breathe and also do a leg or arm bag simultaneously?

What you can use the Tee for depends on the physics of gaseous fluid flow.  
Gas will always flow to the place of least resistance.

When two people are inhaling, they will not (usually) be inhaling at the same time, so the gas will flow alternatively to each.

If using two ‘bagged’ limbs (or spot applicator), the gas will first flow to the bag of least resistance, then as the resistance rises, flow to the other, back and forth until both bags are full… Assuming that the bags are relatively well sealed and the AquaCure can make enough gas to fill them.  

DO NOT seal the bags tight enough that you cut off blood circulation to the limb.  First because having blood circulation is good and second because having some fresh gas flow is good.

Using the Tee with two different applications, like bagging a limb and goggles will not work, the gas will go ONLY to the application with the least resistance which in this example is the goggles.

Generally, the AquaCure AC50 only produces enough gas to have therapeutic value to one application at a time… 

However, when inhaling, a person is only sucking in air about 40% of the time, so 60% of the gas is ‘wasted’, just venting into the air.

So if another person is inhaling (creating a vacuum) at the same time as the first person is exhaling (creating a ‘back pressure’), the HydrOxy gas will go to the person inhaling.  

If both are inhaling at the same time, the majority of the gas will go to the least resistance (person with the biggest inhale speed).

People generally don’t breathe at exactly the same rate, so in the end, though it will take longer, both will receive a therapeutic value.

Set the gas flow to the flow rate needed by the SMALLER person, to prevent either person from receiving a potentially explosive mixture.

So… I haven’t measured but my understanding of the physics involved would say that it’s possible that you could have someone inhale AND treat a leg or arm, etc.  If the bagged limb allowed a venting so the bag wouldn’t build up ANY pressure and would allow gas flow through the bag.  In this scenario, the person inhaling would get the HydrOxy gas from the AquaCure when inhaling and the gas would go to the bagged limb when exhaling.

I’d be concerned that during inhalation, the person might ALSO get HydrOxy from the gas stored in the bagged limb AND the combination might make the hydrogen content in the inhaled air to be higher than the explosive limit.

Note that it is also possible (and practical) to bag two (or more) limbs at a time using the splitter.  You can seal the bags enough to build up a bit of pressure but not so tight that you cut off blood circulation to the limbs.  It’s actually an advantage to have a bit of gas flow so that fresh gas flows in as existing gas hydrogen gets absorbed into the skin.

So I cannot advise or recommend that people do more than one type of application at a time.  Bagging with Tee OK, inhaling with Tee OK, mixed bagging and inhalation… Physically and physics possible but I do not know about safety.

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