Having the means to survive crisis is a more complex issue than knowing how much food is enough. It’s more than how much water is enough and more than stocking fuel. Really surviving crisis, beyond simply keeping your body alive and whole, means taking measures to thrive in the midst of adversity. ‘Spiritual’ practices that center that soft, vulnerable, tender spot in your gut are nourishing any time, even during ‘normal’ life.

• The Inner Sanctuary

Develop some kind of daily private time. Remove yourself from noise and activity. Sit or lie quietly and free your mind of internal garble.

The point is to create a kind of ritual that connects you with your inner voice. You don’t need a particular belief system to benefit from calming your insides for 20 minutes a day. What’s important is to connect with your sense of being a significant spark in the grand plans and workings of the Universe. Keeping the energy lines between yourself and a Higher Power (whatever you conceive that to be) open is effective for maintaining an attitude that supports your life.

Once you’ve established this private quiet time for a while (Believe me. It’s no small task) and can actually enjoy the respite from regular life, your sanctuary will become a source of renewal. You can even get answers to your life questions and come away from your quiet time feeling refreshed, confident and buoyant.