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How long does BG Bubbled water stay charged / enhanced?

There are quite a few ways that BG enhances water when BG is bubbled through water, like ORP, frequencies, pH, etc.
Most of the energetic ‘charges’ go away over time.  Tests show that ‘charged water’ (BG bubbled water) has a half life of about a day… So after about 24 hours half of the energies that make BG bubbled water extra healthful have dissipated.  In another day, half of that energy is gone, etc… The water is still great ‘living’ water but doesn’t have the extra energy kick.
Which is why I sell (and teach people how to build) electrolyzers instead of bottled water.  Then people can bubble their own water and drink it at it’s highest potency.
There are lots of scammers out there that are selling ‘enhanced’ waters that DO test very healthful in the labs, just after the water has been bubbled.  They don’t show the tests of the water after it’s been sitting on the shelf for a week. 

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