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If hydrogen is so important, where do we ‘normally’ get it?

Really GOOD question!  A question that should have been asked by doctors and scientists decades ago.  
It’s now been asked and answered by science… And the answer was hidden in plain sight…
You mostly get it from your food.
Most ‘foods’ are hydrocarbons.  The ‘hydro’ part means hydrogen.  When you eat hydrocarbons, there is an amazing process to split your food apart into it’s atomic constituents, freeing the hydrogen from the carbons.  MOST of this ‘digestion’ is done by ‘good’ bacteria and the ones that make the most hydrogen live in your colin.  
You DEPEND on these bacteria to provide the hydrogen you need for healing, health and long life. The freed hydrogen then enters your bloodstream through your intestinal wall.  
Yes, you’ve never heard this before, your Doctor likely doesn’t even know it and (quite frankly) I’ve found that I know more about nutrition than hospital dietitians.  NO ONE knows or teaches how you naturally get your MOST IMPORTANT NUTRIENT!  About 62% of YOU is hydrogen!
ALSO, what most people MISS is an additional side effect of antibiotics… Antibiotics KILL ALL bacteria in your guts, which shuts down your natural hydrogen production, creating an ‘invisible asthma’ (not getting hydrogen like an asthmatic not getting oxygen).  Thus the ‘miracle’ of antibiotics is a double edged sword and one of the reasons that lifespans have DECREASED in the last few decades!
This is one of the main reasons that hydrogen supplementation (and particularly BG breathing) is SO NEEDED and EFFECTIVE!  People have been taking antibiotics and eating franken-foods, killing the natural hydrogen production that the body needs for it’s immune system and to rebuild itself on an ongoing basis.  Thus people are getting sick and aging far sooner than they should be.
The body also has the ability to get hydrogen from many other chemical processes too, but these are ’emergency’ measures and usually require huge energy draws from the body’s resources.  People that are sick do not have the energy reserves to ‘make’ hydrogen (from water) so decline in health and die.
This is why the ExW component in BG is SO IMPORTANT!  ExW contains the exact kind of energy that the body needs to LIVE.  And when it gets enough of this energy, it can ‘spend’ some of it on lower priority health issues, like scar removal and hair growth.

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