The Good News

(a glimpse inside Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival)
• Whether We See It Or Not, There Is A Perfect Purpose To Everything Life always unfolds to its highest potential and there is always new promise to look ahead to. And so it is with the challenges that humanity is faced with now. The increase in divorce; natural disasters; crime; emotional, economic and ethical bankruptcy; company’s down-sizing; whole industries disappearing overnight, new incurable diseases… is a cleansing, not the end of the world. In fact, the seeds of the ‘new age’ have already begun to bud. Change (crisis) is simply Life’s way of injecting the opportunity for a little perspective, gratitude and motivation into the issue mix. And part of the process of moving us to the next rung on the ladder.

• A World Gone Amok All of us have said it. Most of us say it on a weekly or daily basis: ‘Somehting’s gotta give’ . . .’What’s wrong with this picture?’ . . .’How can this kind of thing be allowed to go on?!’ . . . What we’re all refering to is the state of our world. Crime is rampant. “Nobody has integrity anymore.” The educational system is failing our children. The environment, well, we’ve pretty-well trashed it. Vote! Vote for who! They’re all as bad as the next. “Nobody cares about anybody anymore, except if they think they can get something from you.” There’s no jobs . . . Our view of our world is less than uplifting. And for a growing number of us, it’s time for a reinventing of ourselves, our communities and our society at large. First though, comes the cleansing – the washing away of the old, worn-out, and decaying ways that no longer work.

• A Blessing In Disguise Humanity is at a crossroad. The old is coming apart at the seams, while the new has begun to sprout. The good news is: although ‘everything is falling apart’, and there’s sound reason to suspect that life could get very, very uncomfortable, even ugly, during the process – when it’s over, we’ll get another chance to recreate it in a better form. Just as our collective conscience has created the world we have now. The new collective consciousness is creating a heightened model for living. As more of us are being proactive; tolerant; holistic; environmentally responsible; principled; genuine; operating with integrity . . . the energy in the world is changing direction. We’re not talking utopia. We’re talking about being on the verge of the next step in our evolution. We’re talking about restoring balance. Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does!