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Can the nasal cannulas be re-used?

Can the cannulas be cleaned and re-used?  If so, what does one clean them with, and how long are they good for? Thank you.

I use mine for months without cleaning.  Changing it only when it gets stiff with age, but my wife thinks that’s gross.

Pretty much anything you can think of will work, just remembering that you’ll be breathing past whatever you choose, so (for example) I’d go for colloidal silver, hydrogen peroxide or MMS or alcohol or GSE before Chlorine.

In the end, they stay ‘pretty clean’ and my wife and I each have our own… So whatever you think works for you.

When at a conference and giving breathing samples/demonstrations I keep the nose end in a glass of colloidal silver water; that may or may not be good enough, but it is an attempt to prevent cross-contamination.

This has the additional advantage of being able to verify that the gas is actually coming out of the cannula (you can see the bubbles in the glass), because at 18 lph, it’s difficult to ‘feel’ in your nose.

So in a Clinic, I would think that each person should be ‘assigned’ their own cannula at $5 each.  They can choose to buy a new one each time or use their own.  They’d be in charge of cleaning it if they desire.

You can purchase cannulas at BULK prices several places online.

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