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Is there a way to test for lye in the water?  

Of course.

First, you can taste it, even tiny amounts has a stinging bitter funky taste.

Hydrogen infused water (no lye) has no ’taste’ but ‘feels smooth’ in the mouth and throat. 

Second, you can use pH test strips.  The pH of BG infused water will rise slightly because of the increase in hydrogen, so anything over about pH of 8 MAY indicate of lye contamination.

How do you show someone there is no lye leaving the system?

I can show spectragraphic analysis of the gas, but you’d just use pH test strips or a taste test.

I’ve (George Wiseman) been drinking the BG enriched water since 2005 and breathing the BG for up to 6 hours EVERYDAY since 2016.  I can assure people that there is NO danger of lye coming out of the machine (ONLY the pure BG) if they follow my protocols… And I’ve designed the machine to ‘fail safe’ if there is a condition (like foaming) that causes lye to come out.

No one should ever be hurt by lye.  The lye is SUPPOSED to STAY in the machine.  If the lye comes out, the machine quits working.

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