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Why did George Wiseman develop Brown’s Gas?

Mr. Wiseman got into Brown’s Gas simply because he wanted it in his own shop. As an inventor he is always building things that are not ‘on the shelf’. and he learns every exotic welding technique he can. He wanted Brown’s Gas because it had properties that he wanted.

At the time (1991) Mr. Wiseman could not afford to buy a Brown’s Gas machine. He applied his considerable innovative resources to build his own. By applying techniques learned during his Free Energy research, he ended up with a technology that was half the size and weight, while being twice as efficient as traditional electrolyzers. He wrote books detailing his research and to teach anyone how-to build the world’s most practical electrolyzers.

In the process of developing the Brown’s Gas technology for his own use, Mr. Wiseman started discovering other uses for the gas.

Realizing both the tremendous benefits possible to civilization and the huge profit potential, he started to manufacture versions of his electrolyzer.

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