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Can I use a Bio-Mat or BEMER with the AquaCure?

I would imagine any such thing to be therapeutic. One I’ve heard about is the Bio-Mat. However… HOW it works may have an unintentional side effect that makes working with the HydrOxy more dangerous.

The Bio-Mat (I recently discovered) produces electrons that (as a side effect) make static electricity. Static electricity is not usually an issue for humans but… The HydrOxy is EASILY ignited by static electricity so can explode in the presence of static electricity (I warn about this in my literature).

Thus the Bio-Mat and the AquaCure are not compatible unless measures are taken (high humidity, anti-static spray, cloth that doesn’t store static, etc.)

You can use any infrared, including the bio-mat, as long as you don’t develop static electricity. It’s the sparks that can ignite the BG, causing it to explode. So as long as you are static free (use appropriate clothing and higher humidity), you should be fine. Even when there are sparks, they seldom ignite the gas, but it only takes once.

That said, I scanned the BEMER website and could not find specifically how it functions (to put pulses into the organism) so am not able to make a competent guess as to the compatibility. 

But I THINK BEMER and the AquaCure would be a compatible match because most ways of putting pulses into an organism do not create static electricity.

It’s not likely except for the static electricity issue. Wherever the AquaCure will sit, I’d do what I could to make that a static free zone. 

Pay attention to what the clients are wearing and dissipate any static they carry in with them. 

Ground them to the machine by having them touch the housing. 

There’s never a spark if everything is the same potential. 

Most offices And Hospitals don’t have static electricity , because they don’t have materials that ‘generate’ static electricity and control the humidity into the higher comfort range of 65 to 70%

Correct, the carpet shuffle spark is enough to ignite the BG INSIDE the bubbler, even if you touch the outside (it’s already happened twice). The container acts like a capacitor and a potential voltage on the outside affects the inside voltage enough to ignite the gas (which has a static electrical charge of it’s own due to the ExW portion).

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