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Is drinking Distilled Water Safe?

Is drinking Distilled Water Safe?

I’ve been drinking Distilled water ONLY since 2005.  
There’s a great deal of information “out there” that says this is a dangerous thing to do long term because after detoxing out heavy metals, etc. it eventually leaches necessary minerals from the body.  

First, it takes a long time to detox and I’m not convinced it ever gets everything.

Second, while it’s true that water leaches out good minerals too, ALL water does that.

I think allowing various minerals to be in the water is mostly a myth that is supported by proponents that do not want to remove the non-bio-available minerals from their water… Like the ionizer companies.

Third, (in my opinion) you do not need to add non-bio-available minerals to the water you drink.  

The body then needs to deal with them too (mostly as toxins).  

That said, there are a FEW minerals that your body can directly absorb, like sodium chloride (table salt) but you usually get PLENTY of such minerals in your food.  I do not put salt on my food and haven’t ever felt the lack.  But if you are sweating a LOT and drinking a LOT of water, you may need to supplement with a salt tablet.

Fourth, you get bio-available minerals from your FOOD (plants process the ‘raw’ minerals into forms that we can process), so eat organic best you can.  Some EXCELLENT supplements are made by

Fifth, I’ve been ‘walking the talk’ and drinking NOTHING but BG bubbled distilled water since 2005 and I’m in MUCH better health than then.  

I don’t generally drink juices, sodas, teas, coffee, alcohol, etc. (except maybe a glass during a social occasion).  Pure bubbled water ONLY!  

It’s important to distinguish between distilled water and BG BUBBLED distilled water.  Distilled water sucks energy from your body to process it (electron deficient).  BG BUBBLED distilled water adds energy to your body (electron rich) because of the Electrically Expanded Water (ExW).

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