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Below, you will find a list of ‘commercial’ electrolyzers that you can compare with those you can build yourself from my plans in Brown’s Gas Book 2 and it’s associated online Resources. 

Building to my specifications will result in an electrolyzer, such as the ER50, that will exceed the efficiency and user-friendlyness of any known ‘commercial’ machine AND you’ll have a functional, long lasting machine at a fraction of the cost.  My electrolyzer designs have several advantages/features that most of the commercial ones don’t:

1. Longevity of business:  My electrolyzers have been used by people since 1995.  I’ve seen a lot of electrolyzer manufacturers come and go. Since I tell people how to build their own, there is no chance I’ll be going out of business for decades to come.
2. Durability:  No commercial electrolyzer can beat the durability of my designs.  I remember a brand new China built machine that I helped a customer set up and test.  It lasted 20 minutes and the circuit board fried (it also had lots of material quality issues, leaks and a couple of serious safety issues).  
My simple electrolyzer designs and power supplies are lasting decades
3. Transparency:  Since my electrolyzers can be built out of transparent PVC, you’ll be able to see and demonstrate the BG being formed.  Also, I’m not holding back information you need to know, so there’s another kind of transparency.
4. DIY training:  Since you build your own machine, you know exactly how it goes together and how to fix it if anything goes wrong.  You become your own trained technician.
5. Technical help and Resources: I’m available if you need me, after you’ve reviewed the copious FAQ, Blogs and other Resources we have in place to help you. 
6. Technology upgrades:  As new information becomes available, we make sure (through the eNews and online Resources) that our customers know about it.
7. Efficiency: No known commercial electrolyzer can match our Faraday or Wattage efficiencies.  We show you how to achieve near 100% efficiencies.
8. Quiet operation:  Our electrolyzers have no cooling fans or inductive transformers, so they are virtually silent in operation.  You’ll know how big an advantage this is once you’ve been in a room with a noisy, inefficient machine.
9. Size and weight to gas production ratio:  Our electrolyzer designs are lightweight and small with huge gas production capability.
10. Easy maintenance and repair: We design our electrolyzers to be nearly maintenance free and with easily replaced components.
11. Low cost: Our electrolyzer designs are flexible enough to take advantage of surplus components and we tell you where to get the surplus parts, so you can build your own for a lot less money than buying a commercial machine.
12. Low Tech: Our electrolyzer designs are simple to understand and build.  They do not require exotic skills and tools.  Anyone with basic handyman skills and tools can build them. 
13. Local manufacture:  No matter where you are in the world, you can build your own electrolyzer from our plans, using local resources.  No need to order machines, parts and components from halfway around the world… and try to get technical help from people who don’t speak your language. 
14. Custom design: Since you are building your own machine, you can customize it to fit your local power input (optimizing efficiency) and application needs (add or subtract features that make the machine work best for you). 
15. Reliable: Our designs just work.  You won’t be spending your time fixing them.
16. Safe: We design in safety that some commercial units haven’t even thought of… For example we design all of our sensors to be failsafe OFF, so if any are disconnected the machine stops operating.  As logical as this sounds, it isn’t common; like one China built machine I tested that, when the pressure sensor was disconnected, would continue to build pressure until it burst or exploded.  
We do everything we can to make our designs failsafe!

17. Money Making Opportunity: since we design our machines to be home-built, using components that can easily be acquired, you can start your own electrolyzer manufacturing business.

Another reason I list these sources of commercial electrolyzers, is because some of them have ‘components’ that you may wish to buy (separately from their electrolyzer) like bubblers, igniters, torch stands, torch handles and torch tips (although I tell you how to build all of these too).

I discovered these commercial electrolyzers during a websearch (Jan, 2013).  
I’d be happy to add more if you find any and let me know.  
Some data is missing because some companies weren’t advertising gas production rates and pricing and I haven’t bothered to contact them.  
If you find them out, let me know and I’ll update this page.

Mini (< 500 L/h) electrolyzers

Arizona HydroGen Mfg. Inc., several models (click)
If you choose to buy a commercial machine or components, 
this company is my recommedation.
Arizona Hydrogen sells several versions of electrolyzers.  Has Torch Hand-piece, with built in (replaceable) flashback arrester that you can buy separately from the water torch.  Also have a gas dryer system that eliminates water moisture from the gas; this is extremely important for welding, to prevent a ‘sputtering’ flame and for backfire prevention.  Also have a ‘flameless’ torch, which can be very handy, as anyone who has needed one knows! 

Spirig, several models (click)
Very pricy but what you want if you are serious about quality. They have EXCELLENT robotic technology for using BG in assembly lines.

HydroFlux BT700 (click) (click) ?L/h $1250

Water Welder FFW-270 (click) ?L/h $?

SRA H2O Welder 250 (click) 45 L/h $1495
SRA H2O Welder 350 (click) 80 L/h $2395

SARL BRYZEL, several models (click) ?L/h $?

Siam Waterflame, several models (click) (click) ?L/h $?

Waxco MF- 250 (click) ?L/h $?

Lavoisier 300-A (click) 300 L/h $1695 

From China (the oriental countries are into Brown’s Gas in a big way)

BT-350SFP-350W (click) 80 L/h $550
FP-103A-500W (click) 100 L/h $712
FP-101-800W (click) 200 L/h $1443
OH-100 (click) 100 L/h $480
Welder-305T (click)  300 L/h $?
Water Welder (click) 200 L/h $680 
Ningbo Eabon (click) ?L/h $?
CHANGZHOU Villa HY400 (click) ?L/h $?
Your Energy 103-B (click) ?L/h $?

Large (> 500 L/h) Brown’s Gas electrolyzers

YQY-220/1000 (click) (click) 2000 L/h $3000 (looks like built from BG Book 2)

BEST Korea, several models (click)

Epoch, several models (click) (click)

Some of the electrolyzers that are not currently selling. 
but you may be able to find them on eBay or such:

Krohn Fluxed Flame A300 and A400 (aka H24-80 Fluxed Flame Torch) 
Aqua Torch 2800 
Raytech Microflame 200

Denny Klien’s machines H2O 2000 (click) (click) (click)

Further Research for this page:




Alternative Water Welder (not Brown’s Gas)
ecowelder multiplaz 3500 (click) (click)

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