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If Hydrogenated Foods are bad, Why is Hydrogen Good?

There has been much talk about hydrogen being healthy but also about hydrogenated foods (particularly oil) being unhealthy due to the thickening of fluids.Will you please as briefly as possible explain where my thinking is errant.

That is actually a really good question, that I’d forgotten to address.
Many people would wonder the same thing.

There is a HUGE difference between pure hydrogen gas and ‘hydrogenated’ products.  It’s like comparing water and lard.
Both are mostly made of hydrogen but the way the hydrogen atoms are attached to other atoms that make up the molecules makes a HUGE difference to health.

It’s like Chlorine is a harmful gas (it’d kill you if you breathed it) and Sodium is a caustic metal (it’d instantly burn you in it’s pure form), but put them together correctly and you have Sodium Chloride which is table salt and NEEDED by the body.  So it’s important to not ASSUME that because something SOUNDS similar, that it is similar.

Normal fat and oils are relatively healthy, a great source of concentrated energy (much more nutritious than sugar).  But about the mid 1900’s some chemist discovered that if you bubble pure hydrogen through oil or fat then you get a ‘product’ that has a MUCH longer shelf life… Mostly because it’s a poison and won’t support life of bacteria that would make ordinary fats ‘go bad’.

So they fed us this ‘frankin-food’ (so called trans-fats) in replacement of (then vilified) normal butter and cooking oils.  It was all about the marketing and profits, having nothing to do with health…

Unfortunately, these trans-fats also poison the bacteria in our guts that create our NORMAL hydrogen from our food, so trans-fats are another reason that people are now hydrogen deficient.

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