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Why / How does HydrOxy help healing?

From a Health Practitioner:

“Fascinated by your research and discoveries in regard to health as I am a health practitioner that uses many alternative methods such as PEMF, EWOT, Lasers, electric stim, vibration, etc. I know you can’t make medical claims, but how might this therapy affect cancers, infections, etc., in other words, what is the mechanism by which Brown’s Gas can possibly affect cancer or viruses or bacteria or fungi?”

WOW, you cut right to the point 🙂

Simply put, hydrogen is a FOOD and corrects a hydrogen nutrition deficiency that has resulted in illness and ailments.

Our bodies are fantastic machines and know how to heal themselves, if given what they need to heal.

But they also ‘know’ how to survive when NOT given what they need.  

An example is when the body gets cold, it knows to shut off blood flow to the extremities to preserve core temperature.

Similarly, with hydrogen deficiency, the body starts shutting off ‘extraneous’ (not immediately life threatening) systems, to preserve life.

The first thing that shuts off is the regeneration systems, so wounds scar instead of healing.

The next thing to go is the immune systems, so people get sick and eventually ‘auto-immune’ diseases happen.

The last thing is that organs start to shut down.

All this happens even when people are drinking enough water and eating plenty of food (more below)

People are (by volume)  62% hydrogen, 24% oxygen, 12% carbon and 2% everything else.

Hydrogen is our most important macro-nutrient.  Every detail of our bodies are built using it in one way or another, even our DNA is assembled around a spine of water.  Every chemical process uses hydrogen directly or indirectly.

We cannot get hydrogen by breathing air, like we get oxygen.  

Hydrogen is tightly bound on this planet because once released, it rises back to God.  

We get our hydrogen from our FOOD (hydrocarbons)

It takes a lot of energy to pull hydrogen away from the molecules it is bound to, so that it can be used.  To survive we depend on one of the earliest forms of life… Bacteria.

There are specialized bacteria in our Colin that complete the job that our digestion system prepared (with mastication, enzymes, acids, etc)

EXCEPT that the modern miracle of antibiotics, artificial sweeteners and a thousand other chemicals KILL these sensitive bacteria… 
Also, we generally are not eating the kinds of foods these bacteria like (such as fiber) so other forms of organisms (like candida) tend to push them out.

And if there are not enough of them, the food doesn’t complete it’s digestion and we become hydrogen deficient.  Most of us (on the planet today) are now hydrogen deficient.

So, with hydrogen supplementation an AMAZING thing happens…

First organs come back to life, doing what they were intended to do.  In my case, my heart healed a bad valve (heart murmur) that I’d had since childhood.  My skin lost it’s psoriasis, my hair is growing back, etc.

The next thing that happens is the body’s immune systems come back online.  
In my case I haven’t been sick (with anything) since 2005 when I started drinking HydrOxy enriched water) and (once I started breathing HydrOxy in March of 2016) my body was able to heal from hand warts and a planter’s wart (viruses) that I’d had since childhood.  

The next thing that happens is the body’s regeneration systems come back online.  In my case all my scars (again, that I had since childhood) disappeared, wounds and sprains heal extraordinarily fast and I look 15 years younger than I did 3 years ago (pictures to prove).

In addition to all that, physical ability improves (both strength and endurance), noted by many athletes.

Many people are suffering needlessly and dying from a nutritional deficiency no one even knew they had.
By supplementing with hydrogen, they regain their health (their body’s heal themselves) and enjoy quality of life.

HydrOxy is a therapeutic mixture of hydrogen, oxygen and ExW.

ExW is a major component of HydrOxy (Brown’s Gas).  

What is Brown’s Gas?

Soooo…..What is ExW and why does it matter?

So, to answer your question now that you have some context…

HydrOxy doesn’t do anything to cancer or viruses or bacteria or fungi.  

The AquaCure provides the gaseous mixture (HydrOxy) that is the FOOD (nutrition and energy) the body needs to heal itself and then rejuvenate to a healthful vitality.

With the body’s organs and immune systems functioning correctly, virtually all cancer, pathogens, fungi, etc. are eliminated and with the regeneration systems back online, wounds and organs heal quickly.

Any good Doctor knows that they do not heal.  The BEST they can do is mitigate catastrophe and give the body what it needs to heal itself.

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