ER Series

Brown’s Gas is an industry changing technology that’s time has truly come. There are dozens of profitable applications that represent literally Billions of income potential. Existing industries will become more profitable and entire new industries will be created. Every person on the planet will benefit in a variety of ways.  

The Eagle-Research ‘WaterTorch’ is superior to historical electrolyzers in most areas: including lower initial cost, long-term reliability, efficiency of gas production, safety, ease of operation, small size, light weight and almost silent when producing gas. 

Also contact us if interested in custom sizes, continuous duty cycle, wholesale volume pricing, extended warranty, additional torch options, etc. ‘Basic’ versions are lower price because they have NO extra options.

ER1150 WaterTorch™
The ER1150 WaterTorch is our original demonstration machine. It has ALL the ‘bells and whistles’. Designed for portable demonstrations of both Brown’s Gas and Eagle-Research technology. It puts out 1200 liters of gas per hour. Though we still service the ER1150, production has been suspended in favor of the ER1200. If someone really wants one, the ER1150’s still become available used from time to time.

ER1200 WaterTorch™

The ER1200 is our simplest watertorch. We listened to the hundreds of people who could not afford an ER1150 and stripped off all the features that did not actually HAVE to be there for safe, efficient, user-friendly operation of the machine. This cut the price of the machine and allowed us to set a new standard in watertorch pricing. The ER1200 WaterTorch is the key to a groundswell of change, by making Brown’s Gas safe and affordable to the general public. They are selling almost 50 times faster than the ER1150 did.

The ER2000 WaterTorch is a practical commercial machine. Designed for applications needing to use a fair volume of Brown’s Gas, yet still have the option of limited portability and single-phase power (two or three phase option available). There are also options for electrical generator compatibility (needed ONLY when the torch is used with an electrical generator), automatic water fill and air purge for people interested in commercial applications of this machine.

The ER4000 WaterTorch is a practical industrial machine. Designed for industry needing large volumes of Brown’s Gas. It is meant to be stationary and uses single-phase power (two or three phase option available). There are also options for electrical generator compatibility, automatic water fill and air purge.   Custom built electrolyzers like the ER2000 and the ER4000 are very expensive. To get 4000L/ hr or more, we recommend that you get multiple ER1200’s.

Warranty: A one year warranty (starting the date the ERxxxx WaterTorch is shipped) is automatic with each purchase of an ERxxxx WaterTorch from the Water Torch Collective, Ltd., (WTC)   
Warranty states:
 If there is a manufacturer’s defect that causes the torch to malfunction, WTC reserves the option to choose repair, replace or refund. Costs of warranty work, parts and shipping will be paid by WTC. WTC Warranty is valid only for customers who have bought their ERxxxx Watertorch directly from WTC or an authorized Distributor. Any unauthorized work on the ERxxxx Watertorches automatically voids warranty.   All ERxxxx Watertorch sales are final. All prices are in USA Funds.

Eagle-Research has licensed their WaterTorch Technology to the Water Torch Collective, Ltd. The Water Torch Collective is now manufacturing and selling the ER1200 WaterTorches. See: