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What is pH? FAQ

What is pH?

 I have been trying to understand pH for over 20 years now. It has turned out to be a far more complicated subject than I first thought.

It is… Mostly because there are several interrelated factors that change pH, some healthy, some not.  So it’s important to choose the healthy options 🙂

Here is a link to help understand pH in relationship to hydrogen:

Higher pH is better, but ONLY if it’s because of the healthy options.  

And the pH rise is ‘incidental’ when molecular hydrogen is added, because H2 is pH neutral.  There are no extra electrons.

It’s the ‘other’ factors (that are also healthy) that raise the pH.  Some types of electrolysis add electrons (in addition to the hydrogen) which then raises the pH naturally and healthfully.  NOT like adding a metal like sodium to raise the pH.

I will be greatful If you can add to my understanding. I think we can agree the pH of all the organs and tissues of the body is an important factor in health.  So important that each breath factors into the pH of the blood as the blood has to be maintained within a very tight alkaline parameter.  I have learned that the stomach, skin and colon are better if they are acidic and the Gall Bladder and Small intestine need to be alkaline.  Each cell has an alkaline pH of 7.25-7.35 within the cell and an even higher pH in fluids outside the cell. 

All the above is correct in my understanding and opinion.

I also have learned that pH is another way of saying it is a measurement of electrons in a solution.  

So a pH of 7.35 is the same as -25 millivolts. A pH over 7 is measured in negative millivolts 

Because of ‘extra’ electrons.

What you are describing can be measured with an ORP meter.

and a pH under 7 is measured in positive millivolts. And as I know you know pH stands for potential hydrogen.  I believe you have said that if you put Browns Gas into distilled water which of course has neither positive or negative millivolts 

Actually, most distilled water is positive ORP (electron deficient).  

but is neutral 

Just because water is pure does not mean that it’s neutral.

that the pH will increase. 

Correct.  NOT because of the added H2, but because of the ExW component in the Brown’s Gas.

ExW is a negatively charged (excess electrons) plasma form of water.

If I am understanding you correctly this clearly shows that with the addition of hydrogen in the water not only does the water have more elemental hydrogen but because of that increase the pH as expected also went up.

Not because of the H2.

 When a hydrolysis 

Hydrolysis is the wrong word.  Look up the definition.  It’s a completely different process and people miss-use the word all the time.  A pet peeve of mine.  The correct word is electrolysis.

unit adds more hydrogen to the water it also increasing the pH.

Not because of the H2, but because of the ExW (or other way that adds electrons).

 I do not think is correct to say those units are only helpful because they increase hydrogen and the pH increase is not a factor because from my understanding they are linked.

They are somewhat linked but it isn’t the pH that is ‘healthful’.  

A study was done with so called ‘alkaline’ water from an ionizer (like the kangen machines).

They removed the pH (made it neutral) and the healthy benefits remained.

They removed the hydrogen, maintaining the pH and the health benefits disappeared.

The pH was NOT the ‘healthful’ ingredient.

 Now I know the addition of any metal will alter the pH.  The addition of say calcium will make the pH higher.   This is what I see in a lot of pH waters that are on the market.  Calcium is added to the water to increase its pH and that very well may give a person no benefit and in fact may harm them.


 To sum up my understanding I am saying an increase in hydrogen in a solution is also an increase in pH of that solution.

H2 alone will not increase pH.  Only incidental extra electrons or the addition of a mineral or the ‘concentration’ of minerals (like the Kangen does) will increase pH.

So there is a general miss-understanding of what pH really is, why pH increases, what the most healthful pH is and the way to increase healthful pH.

How to measure pH?

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