HyCO Systems

 HyCO 2A
Specifically designed for Gasoline internal combustion engines. Carbureted and Fuel injected. The manual tells you how to build and operate the HyCO system from scratch. Gains of 100% in fuel mileage are common in carbureted vehicles and 50% in fuel injected. The HyCO systems are named that way because they are fuel evaporative systems; using air. Thus the name HydroCarbon (petro-fuels) Oxygenator (evaporate with air). The HyCO systems are simple and straightforward, designed to be fail-safe and to be built and installed by backyard mechanics. They work on carbureted and Fuel injected engines. On Oxygen sensor feedback Carburetors you must install the EFIE with the Carburetor Enhancer, before you add the HyCO 2A system. On Fuel injection engines, you need to add the EFIE device (which you can build yourself or buy from us) before you add the HyCO 2A system.

Specifically designed for Turbo-Charged diesel engine, of any size. Build it right out of the book. Large diesels gain about 10% power AND 10% fuel mileage. Small diesels gain even more.

Absolutely required to help fuel savers of all kinds to work on fuel systems that have oxygen sensor feedback computers. This includes most gasoline fuel injection systems, some gasoline carburetors and a growing percentage of diesel systems.

Eagle-Research has extensively experimented with many types of systems to turn gasoline into vapor. Gasoline must be vapor before it can explode. Therefore, the more gasoline that is vapor before the spark plugs fire, the better the combustion.   Of all the types of vapor systems ER tested, the ‘cold ‘ vapor system proved to be the most practical.   Thus, is born Eagle-Research HyCO systems.