Carburetor Enhancer

 Carburetor Enhancer (Basic) This page tells about the simplest Carburetor Enhancer, which we call the ‘Basic’ version. It gets the most fuel gains with the least cost and is the simplest fuel saver to install. The Carburetor Enhancer is a simple external method to significantly increase the efficiency of automobile carburetors. Once installed and adjusted, its operation is automatic. Just drive normally. This is the method I used on my previous automobile (1978 Lincoln Continental with 460 ci engine.) It went from 10-11 mpg to 13-15 mpg. The Carburetor Enhancer Manual goes into great detail about how to fix carburetors that are giving trouble and how to expand the capabilities of your Carburetor Enhancer. The Carburetor Enhancer is designed to cut back on the fuel going into the engine from the carburetor, so that the gasoline vapors have room to work.

Electronic Carburetor Enhancer This is the best way to increase the capabilities of your basic Carburetor Enhancer. This is the method I use on my previoius automobile (1978 Lincoln Continental with 460 ci engine.) I went from 13-15 mpg to 16-18 mpg. On Carbureted engines you must install and have working at least the basic Carburetor Enhancer, preferably with the Electronic Carburetor Enhancer option. You can install the Basic version first, then upgrade to the Electronic option with no loss of cost (uses the same parts plus new ones).

GET A 25% increase in mileage for a small investment
  • the cost of the (basic) Carburetor Enhancer Manual

  • about $15 in parts

  • just over 1 hour to install (once you’ve gathered the parts)

ANYONE who knows what a carburetor looks like CAN DO THIS! ‘Cause the book tells you everything else