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Are there links that I can research HydrOxy for health?

George Wiseman’s story:
“My WaterTorch ( customers were telling me about the health benefits (like curing their cancer) since 1996. 

 But I’m pretty thick headed so didn’t start drinking BG bubbled water until 2005, (after which I’ve never gotten sick).  

So, in 2007, I optimized my watertorch technology to address the health aspect of BG (HydrOxy or HHO).  
I developed the ER50 for Health application and started selling a DIY Kit.

In 2010 I made some Q&D videos to introduce the health aspects of BG enhanced water (see links below)

In 2015 I started  offering to pre-assemble the ER50 Chambers.
About 2016 I started selling a fully assembled version of the ER50:

All this time I was only drinking the BG bubbled water… I started BREATHING the BG in March of 2016
(after which amazing things started happening to my body).  See “Plants Don’t Lie” blog link below.

In late 2016 I gave the technology a MAJOR upgrade and re-named it AquaCure

In the last decade, many people have learned about the health aspects of hydrogen and they are ALL TRUE… but there’s an additional aspect that most do not yet know.

It’s called Brown’s Gas (been around since 1960) Patented by William Rhodes of Pheonix Arizona.  Mr. Rhodes called it ‘single-ducted gas’. 
FAQ: What is Brown’s Gas?

Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) is the third constituent of Brown’s Gas.
(Hydrogen, Oxygen and ExW).

ExW is a negatively charged plasma form of water (electrically charged gas), containing a bio-available form of energy (electrons) that helps ALL water based life forms.

BG (HydrOxy) has ALL the benefits of ‘straight’ hydrogen supplementation, PLUS it has bio-available energy from the ExW that gives the mixture a ’turbo-charge’ for health and healing.

My most recent AquaCure brochure:

This is a page I put together and have been updating since 2007

My eNews covers a lot of information and links.  You’d read starting from about issue 55 (sorry, not up on the new website yet)

My protocols:

Here is an article I’ve co-authored with Walter Last

I’ve spoken on BG for Health at the Tesla Tech Conference in 2017
and again in 2018
and again in 2019

I also have answers to many FAQ like:

Why does BG supplementation help health?

What’s the best way to get supplemental (therapeutic) hydrogen into my body?

I prefer a solution that can do all four of my protocols PLUS make ‘new water’.
New Water is an entire other conversation.

Here’s my newest AquaCure
Purchase your AquaCure here:

AquaCure AC50 Setup and Operation Video

AquaCure Operation Manual

I have much more but this is a good start.

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