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Q ~ Brown’s Gas vs HHO

Is there a difference between Brown’s Gas and the HHO gas produced by standard electrolysis?

No, they are essentially identical.  There are many names for Brown’s Gas, as people have attempted to ‘claim’ the gas as their own, usually to try to (inappropriately) patent it to fraud investors; or to ‘distance’ themselves from Brown’s Gas history.
I define Brown’s Gas as:
“The entire mixture of gasses coming out of an electrolyzer that is specifically designed to electrolyze (split) water and to NOT separate the resulting gasses from each other.”


The only difference between all these ‘names’ is the quality of the gas, how much quantity of Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) is produced.
The quantity of ExW is determined by many factors and has nothing to do with the ‘name’ of the gas or any particular electrolyzer design.
Some electrolyzers are more efficient at making ExW than others, and these show a higher gas production efficiency.  Our electrolyzer technology can now produce BG using less than 1 watthour per STP liter.
I do not yet know how to measure the quantity of ExW in BG, but electrolyzers that produce a lot of gas, (overunity by Faraday Law) are certainly making the most ExW.

I mean if I would build my own electrolyzer according to your BG brochures, would I get a gas with different qualities that I get from my current, standard electrolyzer?

I do not know the efficiency of your current electrolyzer.
A higher quantity of ExW will produce more of the ‘special effects’ of BG.

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