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How Much PPM of hydrogen will the AquaCure infuse into water?

I watched the video you referenced:

I’m sorry to tell you that (I assume it’s Steve narrating) doesn’t really know what he is talking about.  I’ve asked him to talk with me about his technology… but I’m pretty sure I just offended him.
Another example is that he sells so called ‘dry cells’ and doesn’t understand that electrolyzers can make a ‘third gas’ that I’ve named Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) so it IS possible to have electrolyzers that get OVER 100 % efficiency when ONLY Faraday equations are used.They are not actually over 100% efficiency but it SEEMS so to people who are locked into thinking that was developed in the 1850’s. 
A funny thing (to me) is that he thinks I don’t know as much as he does… Yet he’s using TECHNOLOGY I INVENTED (like the EFIE), to make his onboard electrolyzers practical 🙂
As per his video of the ‘bottle electrolyzer’ you asked me to evaluate.He’s ALMOST got it right, but whoever trained him told him miss-information to sell that particular product, which they’ve optimized for public perception, NOT FOR HEALTH!
First, there is NO advantage to separating the oxygen out of the gasses (infused into the water) EXCEPT to allow accurate measurement of the hydrogen.  
Oxygen in the water is VERY healthful BUT it interferes with the less expensive hydrogen meters and titration (like H2 Blue) methods.  
So the more oxygen in the water, the less hydrogen SEEMS to be in the water, but it isn’t true.  
Hydrogen in any medium will be in there (even if it can’t be measured) by a direct ratio of ‘partial-pressures’ and medium holding capacity, for reference:
So if there is enough hydrogen available to saturate the solution, the solution WILL be saturated with hydrogen (and every other available gas), even if your equipment can’t measure it… It’s a physical FACT.
So the manufacturers of ‘pure’ hydrogen technologies are capitalizing on people’s ignorance, because most people do not know chemistry, gas and thermodynamic laws and most of the public can’t afford the ($20,000.00) meters that will measure the hydrogen in spite of the oxygen.
So they tout their machine as producing superior hydrogen infused water, when all they are ACTUALLY doing is removing the oxygen so that the hydrogen can be measured with cheap meters or titration.
What they’ve ACTUALLY done is make the water less healthful by removing the oxygen and any possibility of Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) (more on ExW later).
Second, It’s likely a miss-speak, he mixes up positive and negative as he explains that chlorine gas is produced off the positive plate if there is chlorine in the water (that part is correct).
Third, he completely MISSED the fact that if there is ANYTHING in the water, you are STILL DRINKING THOSE IMPURITIES!  It doesn’t matter if the chlorine (or any other impurity) turns into a gas outside or inside the body, you are STILL ingesting it.
You should NEVER drink water that is impure, with anything that isn’t healthful AND bio-available.  Watch this video to understand why.
Fourth, which brings us to the fourth point… These ‘batch electrolysis’ bottles DEPEND on impure water to FUNCTION.  Pure water does not conduct electricity so would make NO GAS in these machines.  
I recommend drinking pure water that is 50,000 ohm or greater electrical resistance (usually only good distilled water can meet that specification) so ACTUAL pure water wouldn’t even work in these machines.
I talk about WHY you should drink distilled water HERE:
So these cheap machines are INHERENTLY FLAWED because they CANNOT infuse PURE water with ANY gas.  They can only infuse impure (inherently unhealthy) water with gas…
As for the ability to ‘pressurize’ a container to allow it to ‘hold’ more gasses (including hydrogen)… 
As soon as you depressurize the water, the hydrogen comes out (nearly instantly) AND, there is a technique that is over 100 times MORE EFFECTIVE at getting hydrogen into your body… BREATHING it.
Hydrogen infused water is excellent, healthful water (high pH and low ORP) and SHOULD be what all people drink.  I’ve drank hydrogen infused distilled water almost exclusively since 2005 and am very healthy.  But my real HEALTH turnaround didn’t happen until I started BREATHING the gas in March of 2016.
These ‘batch electrolyzers’ aren’t designed to allow you to breathe the gas; which is just as well because breathing and drinking poisons (impurities) isn’t wise anyway.
There IS A WAY to infuse water with hydrogen, oxygen and ExW AND breathe the gas at the SAME TIME.  Here’s a video showing a machine that SAFELY allows that:
Further, you get the advantage of Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) that ONLY comes from electrolyzers optimized to produce this ‘plasma’ form of water.  
ExW is a ‘magically healthful’ negative plasma (electron rich) form of water.  It’s an ionized gaseous form of water (a cold plasma state of matter) that GIVES the body an ACTUAL electrical energy that the body can ABSORB and use!  
Studies show that ExW enhances ALL water based life forms, like plants, fish, birds, reptiles, mammals (including humans), etc.
To prove this I’ve created a document called ‘Plant’s Don’t Lie’ that you can download here:
ExW is the NEXT GENERATION of hydrogen water for health!First there were ionizers, which started the (mistaken) fad of high pH being healthy.  It was actually the hydrogen in the water that was healthy.Second, once it was realized (with scientific studies) that it was actually the hydrogen (and not the pH) that was giving the health gains, ionizer companies started scrambling to modify their machines to maximize hydrogen, and several other ‘hydrogen’ technologies emerged.Third, and this is where WE ARE NOW, we’ve discovered that hydrogen for health can be ENHANCED with ExW.  We make a gas mixture that has several trade names and contains the MOST HEALTHFUL trifecta of hydrogen, oxygen and ExW.
If you want to drink the MOST HEALTHFUL WATER on earth AND you’d like to SAFELY BREATHE the most healthful gas on earth AND you’d like to safely make it in your own home, here is the machine that will do it all:
NOW to answer your question directly, the AquaCure WILL and DOES infuse water with hydrogen to 1.6 ppm of hydrogen and 9 ppm of oxygen (at standard ambient temperature and pressure).  It takes about 10 minutes to fully infuse a liter (quart) of water… With not ONLY hydrogen, but oxygen and ExW as well.

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