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Products that will help Carbureted and Fuel Injection:

• Colortunes

These are spark plugs that have a clear window in them. You can easily custom tune your fuel system using these simple spark plugs. Set the color of the flame (your air/fuel ratio) just as you’d adjust an oxy./acet. torch and just about as quickly. You can set the fuel mixture faster and more accurately than using a $50,000 engine analyzer. Anyone who wants to work on their fuel system should have these colortunes.

• Energy Release

All vehicles should use Energy Release in all fluids that have friction iron parts. Engine oil, transmission oil, differential and transfer case oils, radiator fluid, and power steering fluid. Energy Release is a Ferris metal conditioner which can use any fluid medium to get to the friction spot. It is heat and pressure activated and flows into hot spots like solder, not moving away like oil does. Once in a friction spot, it ‘electroplates’ the iron, creating a hardened finish that is mirror smooth even under an electron microscope. We have found nothing better for reducing friction.

Energy Release can be used in conjunction with any oil or additive that does not fix itself to the metal surface. It will ‘remove’ anything between it and iron. Sold by Entech Corp.

Products best applied to Carbureted fuel systems:

• Fuel pressure regulator

JC Whitney sells good generic ‘single pressure’ ones. The best are the ‘vacuum adjustable’, adjusting the fuel pressure depending on your vehicle’s load. Summit Racing sells variations.

You can get vacuum compensating fuel pressure regulators from Summit Racing. They sell one made by Mallary that has three pressure ranges (from different springs that you put in the regulator). You can go down to about 4 psi with the smallest spring. Then, you can compensate with manifold vacuum, to actually shut off the fuel flow under strong vacuum conditions. These can be used in either carbureted or fuel injected applications.

• Grose Jet

Is a special valve that replaces the inlet needle valve in carburetors. Why I recommend it is included in the Carburetor Enhancer Manual. It is sold by D&G Valve Mfg.

• Vacuum gauge

Can be ordered from JC Whitney, they offer several variations so you can find one that best suits your vehicle.

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