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Is hydrogen inhalation better than drinking HRW?

I saw a study like this years ago, where they examined 321 studies to reach several conclusions.

One of which drinking HRW was (for some ailments) more effective than ‘continuous’ inhalation. 

And the HRW proponents took that statement out of context to ‘prove’ that people didn’t need to inhale… So they could stay in business.

But the study also said that for some ailments intermittent inhalation was more effective than HRW.

Therefore, the MOST EFFECTIVE therapy, to include all ailments is to drink HRW and to intermittently inhale hydrogen.

And in our case, we also add ExW and frequencies, so we are already in the ‘next generation’ of therapy.

The interesting part for us, is that the body needs to intermittently get hydrogen, so obviously it needs a ‘rest and absorption’ period after hydrogen is applied (even with HRW) to be most effective.

This correlates well with EATING, where when we get hydrogen from our food, it is intermittent.

And I noted years ago (and say so in my protocols) that many shorter sessions is more therapeutically effective than one long session.

The HRW people have to say SOMETHING to stay relevant.  Including ’skewing’ the science.

The studies clearly show that for some aspects of some ailments, drinking HRW is more beneficial than inhaling but they ‘cherry pick’ this out of the main body of data that shows the inhalation is 10x more effective for many more aspects of most ailments.

In other words, you need BOTH.  You need to drink HRW and inhale… And BTW, pure H2 is obsolete.  

HydrOxy is more therapeutic (gets better results)…

But the hydrogen ‘industry’ obviously can’t say that or they’d be cutting their own throats.

And as a fact… Inhaling HydrOxy (Brown’s Gas) for 12 seconds puts as much hydrogen into your blood as drinking a full liter of 1.6 PPM of HRW (there’s only so much hydrogen that you can ’stuff’ into water… So the ‘concentration’ of hydrogen in the water becomes largely redundant when also inhaling.

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